Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Introducing my boxing movie

Thanks to some prodding from people who want to see it produced, I've decided to go ahead and start preproduction on The Corner. The Corner is a 15 minute short about two amateur boxers who have to deal with the issues they have outside the ring during a fight in the ring.

The entire story takes place inside the ring and focuses mostly on the drama created every time each man heads to his corner.

I wrote this short for three reasons: I always wanted to write a boxing story, I needed a second short to develop one of the characters from Game Night, and I promised I would write something two of my excellent actor friends could star in. It doesn't hurt that this will be a film staring two hot dudes with their shirts off, pummeling each other. Sorry ladies, a friend of mine already has dibs on being the spray bottle / towel girl.

I really like this story. I think this is the best of the eight shorts I've written and I'm very excited to shoot it. The biggest challenge I face here is probably getting ahold of a boxing ring where we can shoot this for cheap. I have several leads, and I think as soon as I make a few calls I may have a beaten down gym that will suffice.

If anybody wants to participate in any way there are plenty of things I could use. When filming comes I will be needing plenty of extras to sit in the audience and cheer for the boxers. I'll also need a DP, a gaffer, and an AD.

I'll also be looking for two actors. They both need to be forty something former boxers who have become trainers. One must be white with a strong jawline and high cheekbones with blue or green eyes or a willingness to wear contacts (yes, it matters) and the other can be anything as long as he's sarcastic and muscular and looks like he could beat somebody's ass.

I hate casting. HATE IT. It's my least favorite part of the film process. So if you know anyone who fills either of these two roles feel free to pass their names along because I'd rather cast someone through a recommendation than through a casting notice.

On the off chance that anyone is interested, I have also put up a donation button on the sidebar. I would use this money for filming the short ONLY. This money goes straight to my savings account, where it doesn't come out again until I have to pay for filming costs. Anyone who would like to invest would get invited to the premier of both Game Night and The Corner as well as a thank you in the credits for The Corner. If you'd like to read the script before donating I will shoot you the PDF.

I'm not asking anybody for anything, of course, but a few people have emailed me and asked how they could help so I thought I'd post it here.

I also plan to make sure the film will be edited faster so that I can send it to festivals a lot sooner than Game Night. Now that I've done one film I feel a lot better prepared to shoot this one. Either way, come September I will be shooting my boxing movie.


  1. Anonymous1:25 PM

    That's awesome, congrats on starting the process. Sounds like a fun plot to work with, too.

    I'm always up for being an extra and I live in the LA area, so let me know if you need me.


  2. Very awesome! Good luck on the boxing ring.

    If you need someone for casting, I'd be willing to run the session for you, but I don't have a space for it.

  3. Thanks for the offer, John. I might take you up on it. I cannot stress enough how much I loathe casting and am desperate for someone to help me through it.

  4. I love casting, and really, the whole production process. So just let me know via e-mail.


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