Sunday, August 03, 2008

I love The Doctor

They must be sending out the Nicholl letters in reverse alphabetical order or something because I haven't gotten mine yet. Everybody and their mom has gotten either a rejection or congratulatory letter but not me, so I still don't know whether I've moved on. I keep coming home and holding my breath as I open my mailbox and then feeling sad when I discover a new stack of credit card applications and Bed Bath and Beyond coupons.


To get my mind off the lack of communication I watched this week's Dr. Who. I know most of the serious TV watchers are all advanced and shit and watch the shows the same time as our British cousins, but I'm at the mercy of the Sci Fi network so I watched the season finale Friday night because I'm a loyal American.

And holy shit. I haven't cried that much at a TV show since Buddy died. I really enjoy Lost and I love Battlestar Galactica and Heroes is awesome and Psych is funny and Pushing Daisies is brilliant and Supernatural makes me giddy but the season finale of Dr. Who proved to me that it's the best show on television in any country. It was beautiful and sad and romantic and heartbreaking and suspenseful and made me want to run away and travel with The Doctor forever.

I literally cut the TV off when it was over and just sat and thought for like 20 minutes. Fucking hell.


  1. I started with Doctor Who in 6th grade with Tom Baker - so I think I qualify as a fanboy here. The finale felt like too many notes to me. It's like he had a checklist (and at the end was like "crap, I haven't used K-9").

    Still the Doctor/Donna was cool, a better deus ex machina than the tinkerbell ending last time, or than Rose looking into the heart of the TARDIS.

    So, yes, good TV. Too bad there's only going to be four hours of Doctor Who next season.

  2. Nicholl word made it to Ohio last Thursday, but we're pretty happening out here. Word, yo.

    I had the opposite experience as you since I didn't think notifications were coming until mid-August.

    Good luck!

  3. I've never seen Doctor Who. I've been meaning to for the longest time.

    Heroes, on the other hand, is a giant turd.

  4. Good Luck! The Nicholl letter- it's like a first kiss.
    Sometimes, it's a first kiss from a fat girl with crabs, but it still counts!

  5. I've seen most the old episodes, though none of the new ones. Er, well, the old episodes that survived up to the 7th Doctor. I only caught #8 for the FOX special. I haven't gotten to the episodes since. I will eventually, but still love the old ones for their low-budgetness. I have to admit, I would own all the old episodes if the BBC weren't still raping wallets for them.


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