Monday, October 20, 2008

Thoughts about expo

Expo's coming up again in a couple of weeks. I plan to go, although I'm not sure in what capacity yet. This year for the first time I can actually afford to pay for it but since I've actually enjoyed volunteering the past three years I don't really want to pay. Anybody need an assistant? I got spoiled last year. I liked being an assistant. But if nobody needs me I'll probably just join the volunteer group depending on what the circumstances are this year.

I like Expo. I like how easy it is to start conversations with other writers and how positive the atmosphere generally tends to be, except when you go to the pitch room. There are usually some unhappy faces in there.

Last year I met Red Right Hand there and now he's a good friend. A couple of years ago I met Maggie there and now she's a good friend. Who will I meet this year? If you see me feel free to come up and say hi. I like making new friends.

Some of the seminars are good and it's always interesting to listen to the guest speakers, although you have to do a little research because the majority of seminars are aimed at new writers and have little to offer the rest of us. This year with the guest speakers they're focusing pretty heavily on TV, which is no longer my primary area, but there's a lot you can learn about film from studying television. And of course William Goldman is always there. I love William Goldman. When he talks I feel like a kid at storytime.

Last year for the first time I did the Open. I didn't do so well, but I learned something I plan to take into this year's Open so I can at least advance to the second round. I really liked doing that, even though it hurt my hand because I don't hold a pencil properly.

I teach not too far from where the Expo is taking place this year so I think in a few days I'll list a few good places to eat and stuff in the area.


  1. I propose that we partner for one round of the Open.


  2. I'm looking forward to your reports from the "front line".

  3. I would love it if you can write about what it's like being at the Expo. I might go next year, hopefully, but I have no idea if it's really worth it or not.

    Also, since you mentioned making new friends, is the Expo a good networking event? Or do you only meet other screenwriters? Can you meet agents and managers there? I'd love to hear all about it.

    hope you have fun there!


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