Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My mom doesn't like movies

My mom's in town this week. We've been having a fabulous time driving up to Griffith Observatory and looking at the city, checking out the tar pits, shopping for lye, you know, the touristy stuff.

At night I keep trying to make her watch movies.

She's not a big movie and TV person. Sometimes she'll sit with me and Stepdad and check out the latest war movie, but she leaves if there's too much cussing, which I find odd because the lady has a mouth like a prospector in Deadwood.

Anyway, I know she's into musicals so I suggested Sweeny Todd. No, she likes movies with happy endings. You know, that's what's wrong with Batman. Those old Batman movies were upbeat and fun. This new Batman is depressing.

And the Spiderman movies. Those first two were fun, but that last one-

I cut her off there because NOBODY thinks that movie is any fun.

Did I just ruin my chance to work with Sam Raimi?

Anyway, Mom says nothing depressing. Check.

Little Miss Sunshine? Already saw it. Chicago? Already saw it. The Princess Bride? Okay seriously who hasn't seen that? The Darjeeling Limited? She glazed right over that one. I suspect she thinks Wes Anderson is too weird.

So then I was like okay. Nobody hates Galaxy Quest. No, she wanted to go to bed.

I love my mom. She's terrific. We're a lot alike in so many ways. But man, do we differ on our choices of entertainment. For one think, like 90% of the movies on my shelf have too much cussing and too much violence and a depressing ending. Hell, I needed her help to research the project I'm currently working on, but I know she'll never want to see it. She'll think it's too violent and weird.

It's difficult when you can't share your favorite thing in the world with the people you love. The first thing I do when people come to visit is make them dinner and put in a movie I think they'll like. It's like picking out the perfect Christmas present. Who is this person and what is the perfect film for them?

But Mom may be a lost cause. I still keep trying, though. Last night I made a last ditch effort to get her involved in 24. She fell asleep.


  1. haha, your mum is just like mine. she only wants to watch Bollywood movies, especially if it's happy stories with lots and lots of song/dance sequences. she doesn't like any of my scripts and always complains why I can't write something "nice."

  2. Interstate 60

    If she liked Little Miss Sunshine, she'll probably like this.

  3. When I had my mum (71) over last year I was facing the same dilemma.

    Until she found out I had a copy of this really offbeat juvenile hardcore swearing Dutch comedy show 'Jiskefet'.

    We watched it.

    I was cringing at times, but she was having tons of fun.


  4. Everybody likes Galaxy Quest.
    My gf cannot handle suffering or cruelty. Violence is okay if it's bad guys getting shot, but it shouldn't take too long. 'Slumdog' really bothered her; little kids shouldn't suffer.


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