Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Geographical updates

Interesting weekend. Everybody survived.

Saturday The Beefcake's parents took us to a historical landmark. Not only had I been to this landmark before, but I used it as a backdrop for Not Dead Yet. When I first went there I wasn't thinking of turning it into a zombie lair - it was only later when I was planning my screenplay that it occurred to me that it made a terrific location for the story. I didn't take pictures or anything so I wrote it all from memory.

So Saturday since we were taking the same tour I had already taken, I looked around and figured out what I got wrong. And I got several things wrong.

I was pretty damn close on a few scenes, and nothing I wrote is disastrously off, but I saw about five things I need to change to make the story more accurate to its location. It's all a sentence here or two, fortunately, so it won't adjust page count, and a couple of changes will actually make the scene stronger.

It was neat to walk around and ignore the tour guide lady's rambling about art and shit while I tuned to the Beefcake and asked "Hey do you think you could shoot a zombie from that bell tower or is it too high?"

I wonder if anyone else on our tour heard my weird questions. I was wearing my "Zombies only want you for your brains" T-Shirt so they probably thought I was just some crazy zombie lady. Which I am.

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