Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Here comes Summer

Two days until vacation. It's weird sometimes because while everyone else is going back to school I'm headed to summer break. I keep seeing all those commercials for back to school stuff and it confuses me for a second. And then every time I tell people I have to go to work during the month of July they're always like "Whaaaa? How is that possible?"

I forget that B track is not the normal school schedule.

Anyway, the past few weeks I could see vacation on the horizon, ever closer and yet so elusive. Now my room is almost clean, my grades are in and the kids are practically out the door. Friday afternoon I'm going to come home and sleep. Then next week I start to work on my other job.

I should be finished with my first draft of the current screenplay by the end of September at the latest. I will also have changed oil, shorter hair and an apartment full of filled boxes waiting for a new home.


  1. You are so MOTIVATED.

    I am currently staring at 10 pages of a new script and thinking, "why did I smoke that BOATLOAD of weed?"

  2. Heh. Maye it will help your creative process. You'll come out of that with all kinds of crazy ideas.

    As for motivation, I'm already older than I wanted to be and still teaching. Every day moves me closer to writing for a living. Hell, vacation is time when I get to practice what it's like to be a professional writer. I love it.


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