Monday, September 21, 2009

I would like to see Montana

The Beefcake and I may or may not be traveling to Montana today. We were supposed to leave Sunday but we wanted to make an offer on a house and at the time had not decided which house. We were debating two.

Then Sunday morning we decided on one - we went with logic over emotion so yay us and our low mortgage payment! - and called our agent. And then she called the seller's agent. And we're still waiting.

In the meantime I looked up the house's current owner and learned that he lost his wife, his kids and his job and is living on a mattress on the floor of the house with no other furniture in the entire dwelling and nothing but Bud Light in the fridge and a BB gun in the backyard. Why is he living like this, you may ask? Because two years ago he beat the shit out of his wife.

So our house comes with a very exciting white trash history. Fortunately there are no fist size holes in the drywall.

The point is, I may not have Internet for the next few days. It's Montana, so we may be communicating with empty bean cans and a string.

Actually part of me wants to leave the computer behind, but you never know when the peace and quiet of middle-of-nowhere living will inspire some scenes. Plus I want to be able to check email in case we need to sign and fax some documents to our agent.

And that's why I may disappear for a few days. If I'm not back by Sunday, call the cops because a bear ate me.


  1. Netbook! it has wifi. swing by and get mine if ya want.
    he's not REALLY sleeping on the floor with a BB gun, is he? If so, a liberal application of skunk gel seems called for...

  2. Sounds like fodder for a good story maybe (re: the man in that house).


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