Friday, February 05, 2010

Just this one thing about From Paris, With Love

In case you didn't catch it, I wanted to point out something about the trailer for From Paris, With Love.

Okay so despite the bizarre baldness and the earrings or whatever, and the fact that this movie is about wooohooo a craaaazy out of control guy with guns! I'm talking about the moment at the end of the latest trailer where John Travolta, who's most popular character ever is probably Vincent Vega, who's most famous speech ever was about the different ways French fast food restaurants title their dishes, that same actor, John Travolta, his character Charlie Wax says he enjoys eating a "royale with cheese."

I just wanted to point that out.

Remember that scene in Be Cool where he dances on stage? Like the time he danced on stage in Pulp Fiction?

Yeah that's when you know your movie is trying too hard.


  1. My thoughts exactly when I saw that.

    I'd think that line was cheesy in ANYONE's lips. John Travolta saying it so completely shatters the 4th wall, that a movie I'd otherwise pay to see - I won't.

  2. No actor has done more crap, and yet stayed on the A-list, than John Travolta. Well, maybe Samuel Jackson. Well, actually Uma Thurman hasn't done many good movies (except for Kill Bill) the last fifteen years and neither has Bruce Willis (except for the two M. Night films).

    Maybe there is a curse on the cast of Pulp Fiction.

  3. This really feels like a "fun" movie for Mr. Travolta where he could just let it out and go way over the top.

    The bald head, goat, scarf and earrings just really puts me off of this.

    I don't expect to see it. Might just pop in Ronin.


  4. I canNOT believe they actually used that line. Shameless!

  5. I thought it was bad enough when Swordfish began with him describing a scene from Dog Day Afternoon. Not a direct rip from Pulp Fiction, but come on, man! This isn't a Tarantino movie! Pulp Fiction was seven years ago!


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