Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Easy research

I don't like calling people on the phone and I don't always trust the Internet for research. So I think for the rest of my career I'm just going to keep writing about shit I can research by asking my loved ones. Burnside is a historical script about a period of history in which my mother is an expert so every time I needed to make sure my story was accurate or I needed an idea I just called her up. Then I asked her to read my script and give me notes on inaccurate stuff. I did read a couple of chapters of a book she recommended, but I got most of my good ideas from her.

The project for the producers is rooted in what The Beefcake does for a living, so whenever I come to a point in the treatment when I'm not sure what happens next I just ask him what someone in his position would do if someone else did this other thing. Then I go add whatever he said into the script.

I gotta tell you, it's a great way to go. If you know somebody who's an expert on something cool you should write a script about it so you can just be like Hey, what would you do if this thing happened? It really helps if that person is currently in the backyard weeding.

It saves time.


  1. Good point. That's why I only write biopics of people that I have listed in my cell phone.


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