Sunday, May 23, 2010

Unresolved Lost questions

The Lost finale will begin soon here on the West coast and I am giddy with anticipation. I still remember episodes that flew by over the years, leaving me at once confused, excited and ponderous. Many a time have I gone "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" at the end of an episode out of distress that I had to wait one more week for the next piece of the puzzle.

So in honor of tonight's finale, here are my thoughts in list form.

Moment on Lost that made me bawl my eyes out: Not Penny’s Boat

Moment on Lost that surpasses anything else ever filmed in coolness factor: Mr. Ecko takes out two dudes at once with his giant knife.

Stupidest moment on Lost: The discovery of a hot air balloon and the grave of Henry Gale.

Now, here's some unresolved questions I still have:

WTF was up with the polar bear?
Where did Vincent go?
What exactly were Walt’s superpowers and how come they never actually did anything useful?
Where did all the extras disappear to when the main cast went back in time?
What did the monster have against Greg Grunberg? Or Mr. Ecko? And why didn't it kill more people from the plane crash? I mean seriously, a lot of those people were excellent canon fodder but they didn't get massacred nearly enough.
If everybody who crashes into the island dies or can’t get off the island, how did anybody get off the island to tell Darma about the island?
How come Jacob was invisible to people before he was dead?
Where did the “island natives” come from?
If these thousands of people were on the island and didn't see each other for months, how come the one night Michael decided to take his boat off the island, the cast from Deliverance knew exactly where he'd be? And why did they want Walt so bad in the first place?
How come nobody ever set up a volleyball net on the beach? Or built a sandcastle? Or buried Hurley up to his neck?
Are Evangeline Lilly and Dominic Monaghan still dating?
Why is the light in every human also a giant magnet?
How come so many people kept popping up on the island who never checked to see if the survivors of the plane crash were okay?
Why was Ethan such a dick?
Why was Walt the only kid on the plane? Because I don’t know about you guys but I have never flown anywhere without the adorable companionship of a screaming baby.
Why was Darma still making food drops?
Where is the factory where people make Darma cereal?
Are they hiring?
Why was that one redneck dude the only gay person on the island?

I have a strong suspicion these questions will not be answered tonight.

Goodbye, Lost. I will miss you.


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  2. That's okay. We all make mistakes.

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  4. dammit. none of the links i can find go up to the end of that clip. he ends it with. it's ponderous, man. it's fuckin' ponderous. lousy internet! anyway. it's time for lost! it will be terrible, but i look forward to hatewatching every second of it!

  5. Why would you watch something you hate?

  6. to learn from it.

  7. All that matters is "Lapidus Lives!" (I'm gonna make shirt saying that hehe). Yeah, most of those questions stay unanswered, except for the dog... I don't know why they felt the need to address that one haha. But much like life (and afterlife), there are so many unanswered questions...

    I'm satisfied with the mystery in the box though...

  8. Agreed. I was impressed with the way they wrapped all that up. And yeah, I yelled out LAPIDUS! when he bobbed up.

  9. jajajajaja, that dog is so funny, and I don't know why the dogs tender to behave in this way, some scientifics argument that this is the remains of the wild instinct.


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