Monday, November 01, 2010

Dean's girlfriend sucks

Dean Winchester is frequently comic relief on Supernatural. He's emotionally scarred but he covers it up with jokes, constant jokes. He loves to booze it up and chase women and kill evil things.

The thing is, Dean can have almost any woman he wants in the whole world, so why in the world would he ever pick someone as humorless as Lisa? I don't get that choice. His sense of humor keeps him balanced, so the woman he would choose to spend his life with, the woman who would serve as his rock in the storm, that woman should be AWESOME, like Jo was. Lisa is not awesome. Lisa is boring and unfunny, and I don't believe in a million years that a guy like Dean would end up with her by choice when he has so very many options. I mean I get that he was looking for a stable suburban life, but that doesn't mean he has to pick a chick with no sense of humor.

I mean, would it be so much to make her laugh just one time? Nobody wants to be around someone who never makes you laugh.

She theoretically broke up with him this last episode, so we'll see if she and that whiny kid come back to bore us to death.

I love this show and I hate seeing it so abused. Dean's next girlfriend better be cool.

Tomorrow be on the lookout, I have part one of an interview with the one, the only, the rock star: Bill Martell.


  1. Totally with you on the boring and the kid, but the Lisa casting I thought was okay (for what I assumed it needed to do, emphasize the great divide between Dean's world and the normal stable world). And she'll die, as she must, for Dean and Sam must suffer, hopefully for many seasons to come.

    Walking Dead, AMC. OMG so good. Watch it for some real delight. And goo.

    Woo hoo Bill Martell!

  2. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Emily, just wondering could you ask Bill Martell these questions when you see him - (or maybe you can answer em for me with him, thanks :))

    Q.1 What does it mean when a Reader tells me that the movie THE MATRIX is not a realistic or a respectful sci-fi movie?

    Q.2 How come it's not a good idea to call myself 'action screenwriter' on my business card. When all I write is action scripts on the spec level.

    Q3. When an aspiring screenwriter turns 70+ years old and havn't sold a script, what should that person do next? Are most ready to face this question?

    Q4. A Reader from a forum recently called himself an expert on screenplay grammar, what does that mean? And he will charge $4000.00 to re-format a script so it reads like "Alien". Is this something an aspiring screenwriter should consider?

    Q5. Why do most Readers hate strange script hybrids? Then why did SNOWWHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN sell for big bucks? And why is it that most top selling graphic novels are hybrids and being optioned daily?

    Q5. Lately I noticed most screenplay bloggers are repeating themselves. Are you noticing this? Do you read at least 10 blogs per day? Or maybe you read 20 per day to stay on top of the game?

    Q6.Could you provide me with some examples of complicated and complex screenplays?

    Q7. Would you say the chase scene in "Seven" is well written?

    Q8. Do you know where I can find a copy of the script 'ENTER THE DRAGON' or 'THE OCTOGON(CHUCK NORIS) or GOOD GUYS WEAR BLACK(CHUCK NORRIS) No one so far can locate them?

    Q9. Have you ever played the video game MAFIA 1 and MAFIA 2? Do you think in the year 2100+ or so, there will more video game writers than screenwriters?

    Q10. Can someone learn to write dialogues like Woody Allen or Tarantino or Guy Ritchie. What I'm asking is this - if you read the lyrics of top rappers and songwriters, they tend to have ton of energy and fire - can this be taught?

    Q11. How come UNK is not posting lately?


  3. Tell you what. I've already done my interview with Bill, but next week I'll answer some of those questions for you using the resources I have available.


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