Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Nice Girls Don't Kill Queries - round 3

Good lord, it's already Wednesday. What the hell.

I just got done with another query push. I did okay with my last one, but haven't heard back from everyone who's reading the script. I got one mixed response. (Liked it, didn't love it, send me your next one.) I plan to wait a little bit longer before I try any kind of follow-ups. I hate follow-ups, though. They sound so desperate.

Please, sir, have you read my little scripty script? Do you want to tell me how much you like it? PLEEEEEEEEASE!

So much of what we do feels like subtle - or not so subtle - grovelling.

So over the last three days I waded into boutiqueland. I went in alphabetical order through my list of managers. Before I picked only ones I'd heard something about; now I went deep into research mode and found out as much as I could about those little companies that chug along behind the scenes, getting things done quietly.

It takes work to find people who want what you've got. I'm big on fun, but some places push a long list of serious shit. A lot of firms are somewhat polarized - their scripts are all intense thrillers or ridiculous comedies. But then every now and then I found someone with a history of selling scripts like mine - fun and actiony, to the point of quirkiness.

I sent out about 20 queries this week. I got one request right away. Now I twiddle my thumbs and wait some more.


  1. Amy Stole My Boyfriend. again.4:02 PM

    Just out of curiosity, when you query is all by email?

  2. It is. No reason not to, really. The only rep I know who prefers snail mail is Jewelr Ross.

  3. I hate the whole querying process. It feels like sending a WINK on

    Good luck with your reads.

  4. Ha. Like the WINK ref, Kim.

    Best of luck, Emily.

  5. Anonymous5:26 PM

    I have producers ask me for stuff and then sell the closest thing I have to them... very much easy.


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