Thursday, August 25, 2011


When I came out to California I knew one person. It didn't take me long to make new friends, though, and eventually I went to every event I could get my hands on. I met new people all the time, industry people even.

One night a talent agent I'd talked to earlier tried to approach me at a party right at the moment I picked up a phone call from a then-friend who I now hate. Knowing he prevented me from connecting to a talent agent makes me hate him even more.

Anyway, I wasn't ready then. I had a couple of scripts under my belt, but they weren't good enough. I didn't know that. I don't regret moving here when I did, but I do wish I met people now the way I did then. I feel like I wasted a few opportunities on some not-ready scripts.

So last week I was invited to an alumni thing for my college. I miss home a bit, particularly the Southern accents, so I went. In the back of my mind I thought maybe there might be a producer or something.

There were no producers, but I had a grand old time. And toward the end one of the guests mentioned a successful producer who graduated from our school and lives out here. She knows him well.

Now I knew about this guy when I moved here but I never made contact. I was never sure what to say and didn't want to sound like a douchebag. "Hey, we went to the same school, what can you do for me?" No way. At least, not then. I did recently query Rough House pictures (all guys from North Carolina) with what basically amounted to "Hey I'm from North Carolina too. Read my shit."

The shame just sort of fades the longer you're out here.

Anyway, my mom went to the same school and was briefly in the theater department, so I mentioned this guy to her. Turns out he knew my dad really well. Why didn't she tell me that before? So now I'm going to email this guy and say hi. No expectations (I'm still trying not to be a douchebag), but it would be cool if he cold give me some professional advice, at least.

What's the worst thing he could say? "Your dad is an asshole. Never call me again." And I would sigh and go back to work.

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