Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I'm sleepy. Is anybody else sleepy? Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper is starting lose its effect. I'm sleepy because my Neighbor bought Lost season two on DVD and last night I stayed too long to watch the finale. Damn, that show is good.

The best part was watching my adorable Neighbor get excited about the plot twists. He hadn't seen the season at all, so I've been able to watch him as he learns about each new development, his eyes flying wide open to match his mouth as he looks over at me for confirmation of the emotions he's feeling. I just smile, because I knew it was coming.

He went from thinking Mr. Eko was the baddest ass in all of badass land to a feeling of utter despair to discover Eko's actually kind of looney. From rooting for Michael to wanting to kick Michael's ass. From loving Charlie to hating Charlie back to loving Charlie again. And I learned that Neighbor is a hopeless romantic as Desmond's story unfolded. All this took me months to go through. Neighbor rode the emotional roller coaster over a few nights.

He doesn't have TV at all, but I have the whole setup: DVR, HBO, the works. When October 4 hits and Lost comes back on he'll be over every Wednesday, beers and burritos in hand, waiting in anticipation for the hour to start. We might even watch commericals. And this time we'll enjoy the shocking twists together.

And to think, a month ago I barely spoke to Neighbor. I love how good stories bring people together. I want to be responsible for that.

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  1. Next to Six Feet Under, LOST is my favorite drama of all time. My friend and I even do a LOST Podcast, that's how into it we are.

    You should check us out.

    Season 3 is coming in a few weeks. I'm ready to die from surprise and shock.


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