Friday, June 22, 2007

All these things that I've done

So clearly my pictures are getting less and less relevant and more involved in cats. Just pretend you don't notice and enjoy them. Maybe that should be my gimmick from now on. Lolcats on every post. I'm getting there.

Bamboo Killers is all done. If only Writing Partner didn't live like ninety states away, we could go out for a beer and celebrate.

This is the first time in a while I've finished something. I've got a bunch of projects almost done in need of a thorough going over, but this I feel is completely ready to go.

Until something else comes up, anyway. Because nothing's ever really finished, is it?

But right now if I had to present a script to anybody, anywhere, I'd be proud to bust this out and drop it on the desk with a big smile on my face.

Yesterday I went through the script and changed anything in Partner's lines that bothered me. Then last night he did the same for my lines. So now everything is streamlined, cleaner, more solid.

Partner and I like to text each other about what geniuses we are. So we'll do that for the next two days and then get back to earth where we are deeply flawed individuals with many emotional problems.

But for today I feel pretty damn good.

Even though I was up late last night talking to Partner about what geniuses we are.


  1. Yeah, you're really cat-heavy these days. I don't like cats, and actively hate some that I've met. Great Killers reference in the title, though!

    Congrats on the script.

  2. Not like.... whahuh?.....

    How could anyone not like cats?

    And more importantly, how could anyone not like lolcats?

    I do not comprehend this.

    My kitty is offened. No soup for you.

  3. No offense to cat lovers, but:

    To me, cats embody the worst qualities of humans. They are sycophantic, selfish (only want to be petted when THEY want to be petted), don't have boundaries (jump up anywhere they please, don't care if they brake stuff), and are generally really whinny.

    Dogs, are the opposite. Dogs will love you no matter what. They will protect you, and even die for you. There is a reason you've never heard of a "guard-cat." A dog will journey to the ends of earth with you. Cats will be like "cya later." When you see homeless people, they have dogs. Cause dogs won't leave you, even at your worst. Cats are always looking for something better.

    Cats can only love you for what you do for them. Dogs will love you for who you are.

    Now, I have met some nice cats. And one great thing about cats is that they are more independent than dogs. And they poop in litter boxes. But for my money, dogs are where it's at.

  4. More better if u uz dis one
    Mogwai Cat

  5. Claude, you are just silly. Dogs smell bad and are very loud. Like children. They're cute to play with as long as someone else takes them home.


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