Monday, June 04, 2007

La Cantatrice Chauve

I never really liked the Sopranos that much. I only watched it because my Ex did. Then after Ex moved out I made a new Friend who liked to come over to my place and watch it because he didn't have HBO. I got HBO to watch Entourage, Deadwood, The Wire, and Rome. Plus it allows me to get caught up on the films I've been wanting to see. But I never really got the whole Sopranos obsession.

I guess it's because there are no heroes there. Everybody on that show is rotten to the core. Rome has a couple of upright fellows that, although they get a little lost on the way, have the best of intentions. Deadwood has the defiantly honorable Timothy Olyphant and his loyal sidekick. The Wire features several characters who fight every day to make a better life for the people of Baltimore. But The Sopranos is a cast full of selfish bastards who don't care who they have to hurt to get what they want. I like the dark stories, but I also like having someone to root for.

That's why last night's episode impressed me so much. I was literally on the edge of my eat, hand over my mouth, nervous that every second somebody was coming for Tony.


Because people got whacked last night. Important people. I mean, they sort of established that nobody's safe the day they threw Pussy in the ocean, but last night there was some intense murdering going on. It was a war, and Tony was the one on the defensive. And you know we're coming to the end so there's no telling what could happen. So for the first time since the show started I really felt Tony's fear.

Probably because the guy coming after him is a bigger asshat than Tony. That helps. Any time you have to choose between two evils it makes the lesser evil seem almost good. And that's how you make me care about a man like Tony Soprano.

Then again, from Phil's perspective it's Tony who's the asshat. But this story isn't told from Phil's perspective.

I'll be tuning in next week, not because Friend is coming over to watch it or because Ex took over the remote for the evening. I'll be watching it because I want to see what happens when Phil finally comes for Tony.


  1. I came a little late to The Sopranos party (only started watching season 1 this year), so it's safe to say that I've never really understood why it was so great.

    I think that shows like The Wire and Deadwood have moved past The Sopranos, but they never would have been made if it weren't for the doors that The Sopranos opened.

    In my mind The Sopranos is televisions version of Citizen Kane. It's the show that rewrote the rules, making it possible for television to get where it is today. That's why it's great.

    And what a great title for the post!


  2. I can definitely agree about the Soprano's. Perhaps my reasons are slightly different but to me the Soprano's is like gratuitous nudity.

    Not really necessary but, like the freeway accident, everyone will slow down to look.

    I would like to see a positive show or two from them. Big Love is OK but it's such a controversial topic that it can't be considered mainstream America.

    I actually just started thinking about HBO shows. I came up with a few good ideas.

    Who knows? HBO does push the envelope but my first short might even make them blush.

    At least though it's over now. I'm kind of conflicted about it in that glorifying crime is not a good thing but it is just a TV show.

    My prediction has been that either Tony gets out or the whole Soprano family gets killed. The writers have been pretty good with twists though so it's up in the air right now.


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