Sunday, September 28, 2008

Directing: part 2

This weekend I watched some friends film again.

Okay, I watched Beefcake's friends film. We were supposed to go to the beach but there was filming for a couple of hours before we went that of course turned into an all-day event. I had fun anyway, even though I felt at times like I was getting in the way. For a while I was in charge of the air conditioning, so I feel like that made up for the two times I ruined a take by chortling.

Anyway, I realized while I was watching them shoot some YouTube footage that these guys are a pretty laid back crew and they own their own equipment and all they really need is material to shoot.

And it just so happens I have a cheapass script ready to go. The boxing script is ready but it's expensive to shoot and will take a lot of work so I'm slowly putting that together. But I have another script called "Guthrie" that I have long wanted to shoot. The script is just about as cheap as a short can get. I would just have to rent a studio apartment for a day.

Then this morning I was looking around Beefcake's apartment and realized that if I rewrote the script a bit I could turn the studio into a single and BAM, there's the location for the short. It's even messy enough that I don't have to do anything to it except move a couch around. And if I use those guys for the crew - this could cost me a cool $100 to shoot and still be good enough to put into festivals.

So even though Game Night is apparently in infinite post production, I might be able to shoot and edit myself a second film in the mean time. All I have to buy is food and a big sheet of green material and a cop uniform. I'm already cast and everything.

So I'm gonna make a movie again.


  1. things to remember about Beefcake's apartment:
    1. You wanna sit? Bring a chair.
    2. He READS those books on the little shelf. Don't even tilt your head at them.
    3. Somehow, if you can, work in the 'sex-with-IKEA-products' poster on the fridge.
    4. If you need help with the shoot, I'm there for ya.

  2. that's awesome. How long/short is your script? don't forget to get actors to sign the contract about getting no money, too (if possible). that shit can get real messy.

  3. It's 8 minutes. And there is only one actor. He's SAG, but I worked with a SAG actor last time so I know the drill.


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