Thursday, December 11, 2008

I have to find my own voice that I already have

One of my writers group members said something interesting last meeting.

He said something to the extent of "I don't know you very well, I've only met you a couple of times but already I know you have a very distinct was of speaking. I think you should put your voice in Kate's mouth."

Kate is my female lead.

At first I took some notes and said "Oh okay." And then I said "How do I do that?"

Because see, I didn't know I talked funny. I just talk like I talk. I always thought the voice I gave my characters WAS my voice.

I say "dude" a lot. Is that what he means? Should Kate say "dude" more?

"Hey, dude, smash that zombie in the face!"

I guess.

Perhaps I should sit around and tape record myself talking to the cat.

It's easy on the blog for me to use my own voice because the character I'm playing is me, but it seems so much more difficult to nail down my voice for someone who's not me. I mean, Kate's been through some pretty harrowing shit. She spends her days on the run from the zombie hordes. Right now my biggest concern is how to get all this goddamn cat hair out of my keyboard. Every time you clean this shit out, there's always more. I think at night Cyrano the cat climbs on to my computer and rolls around on it just to fuck with me.

But I digress.

Maybe Kate should digress a lot.


  1. got any zombie cats in your story?

  2. No in my zombie world animals are immune. I have some cows, but they are regular cows.

  3. maybe you could have the cows immune but their milk is zombiefied, then when the cats drink it they become zombies.

  4. That's pretty good, actually. That would definitely go a long way toward solidifying my B movie status.

  5. Anonymous5:37 PM

    I'm thinking it's not what you say [that the writers group member was talking about], but the cadence and idioisms of your speech patterns...combine those with what you say habitually and that's the "voice" he might have meant.

    So, yeah, tape yourself, and study the pattern of speech, not just the words.

  6. you totally sound like you have an english accent

  7. Anonymous5:07 PM

    I've read some of the pages you've posted from your screenplays over the years and noticed your screenwriting voice is sort of generic (though competent). The guy is giving you great advice.

  8. RE the cat on the keys - go to, they sell this goop that you squish into your keyboard like Silly Putty and it removes all the crud and cat hairs contained within when you pull it off.

  9. Emily: why do you think people invite you to parties? It's not the exotic dancing, pal. You're funny. Accept it.
    Oh, and you're invited to my place on the 23rd with Beefcake.
    Because you're funny, but HE'S hilarious.

  10. I know what you mean-- I never understood what "your own voice" really means. Hope you figure it out for your script, though.


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