Monday, December 15, 2008

This season blows

I was having breakfast at The Griddle yesterday with a few people. Did you know they sell more than pancakes? I got a lovely healthy sandwich and a bowl of fruit while everybody else at my table was eating eggs and pancakes. And since I was wearing a pair of sweats and tennis shoes I really looked like a healthy nut.

Appearances deceive, people. I was wearing sweat pants because I went there with the intention of eating the Yellow Brick Road, which is pancakes filled with butterscotch and some other crazy shit, and I wanted to make sure I had an elastic waistband. Plus the night before I ate 2/3 of a pizza.

But I changed my mind when I saw the rest of the menu and ate a healthy sandwich. I was able to sample someone else's cinnamon apple pancakes for dessert. If you've never been to The Griddle and you're in the LA area and you love pancakes, for God's sake go there. But there's always a line so make sure you have time.

Anyhow, one of the people there was Red Right Hand and eventually we got to talking about TV because that is where his brain is 93 percent of the time. Nobody knows more about genre TV than that guy.

He mentioned how much he loved Leverage and that it's his favorite new show. And I said, "What? That show SUCKS. Why is it even still on the air? How on Earth can you like that show?"

And then I stared at his blank face for a second and said "Oh wait, you said Leverage. I thought you were talking about Fringe. Yeah Leverage is good."

Because it is. The ending was a little saccharine, but the characters are good. I was trying to explain the show to Best Friend and I said (SPOILER FOR LAST WEEK'S EPISODE) "At the end the band of thieves gave all the money to a veteran in a wheel chair." When you phrase it that was it does sound remarkably cheesy.

But overall I still think the show's got legs and the characters are fantastic. Red Right Hand and I continued to talk and sort of realized there was nothing new this year that was any good except Leverage and Life on Mars. Where were all the brilliant pilots we were supposed to get out of the strike? Where did they go?

This shit better improve, TV people. If you're taking away Pushing Daisies and The Shield is over and Heroes is stumbling, you have to replace them with something. And that something is not Jay Leno.

Tomorrow: Blog Talk with Mystery Man.


  1. can I tell you, and I should preface this by saying I like the show and want it to succeed, that I kept getting this A-Team vibe off of the last Leverage. Seems like instead of having a tricked out office people should have to find the team through a Chinese laundry.

  2. LIFE is good, tho it's technically in its second season ... of the new shows, I find myself liking THE MENTALIST quite a bit ... even when the ep ain't quite all there, it's just fun to watch ...

  3. After we left yesterday, we were getting into my car, I noticed a DVD lying on the ground...literally in the gutter. It was all scuffed and worn and damaged.

    It was a screener disk.

    Fringe. Episode 10. "Safe."

  4. "Chuck" is really good this season so far, as was "Mad Men..." but yeah, I can't think of any new shows that really hit the spot. "True Blood" was really bad the first four episodes and got really conventional for the last episode (girl being chased in horror, doesn't hit guy in the head with shovel ENOUGH. Come on. If you're being chased by a guy you know is a serial killer, and you knock him down and semi-unconscious, you're going to keep hitting him, NOT RUN AWAY.


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