Sunday, February 01, 2009

Game Night trailer

Look what I did!

This is my first trailer for Game Night. As you can hear, I am a shitty, shitty audio editor. A few of these transitions bother me too, but overall I am proud or my accomplishment.

Not Safe for Work Language largely because of the liberal use of the word "fuck".

Also you can get a nice look at my lovely well-lit apartment.

Also this is the first thing I've ever edited in my life.


  1. Not too bad. You're right the audio is difficult to hear and that one guy is laughing as he's trying to be tough, and I didn't quite get a sense of what the full story is, but over all pretty good. Not fantastic, but pretty good.

  2. He's laughing on purpose.

  3. oh - never mind - hang on. why?

  4. Because he's high and he has a gun and he enjoys fucking with the other guy.

    It's all in the movie.

  5. Wooooohooooooo!!!!!!!!

    I say not bad for a first run at editing. Besides, I think the only good way to learn it is to do it.

    Cant wait for the complete feature.

  6. haha nice! I have no idea what they're saying (since I always watch movies with subtitles) but it doesn't look too bad.

    The visual editing is great. I don't know about the audio editing, though :-P

  7. So after all this time here I was imagining "Game Night" to be a scrabble session gone horribly wrong...

    I see you took that to the next level!

    Well done.


  8. Subtitles, eh? That sounds like a new challenge for me. I'll see what I can do.

    Jim, the original version of the script was more or less a game of Taboo with some squabbling couples until the guy who plays Billy first read it and said he didn't think the stakes were high enough, so we added a gun. It just sort of snowballed from there.

    I like stories with guns. And standoffs.

  9. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Not too bad. I think this will be hard to put out there because of the language in the trailer. In a film fine, but when your trying to get as many people as possible to watch it the language might limit the viewing potential.

  10. I plan to make a more family friendly trailer later. This was my first experiment. Although I think if I cut all the cussing out I'd probably have to make the trailer completely silent.

  11. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Very true on the silent film...haha. The cuts and editing were very smooth for a first timer.

  12. Alas, I couldn't hear the audio - the computer at work has no speakers. Drat.

    Actually, though, for the "PG-13" version of the trailer, it's not entirely beyond consideration to take your scenes, excise the audio and substitute a clip from your music soundtrack (assuming you actually have one, of course). Lacking that, a lot of movie trailers have music in them that never appears in the movie - they put it in for setting the tone.

    I still remember the pre-release ads for "The Matrix" having virtually no dialogue at all, and as such you saw a bunch of really cool-ass action scenes without having any clue at all about the plot. That, to me, is a fantastic trailer - it catches your eye without literally handing you the story on a silver platter.

    "Crimson Tide" did just the opposite for their pre-release trailers. The entire story was given away in 30 seconds flat, leaving you no real reason to go watch the remaining two hours unless you were a diehard fan of either Denzel Washington, Gene Hackman or submarine dramas.

    Today's word verification is worth a lulz: "tushytic"

  13. Long time reader, first time responder.... Anyway, I liked the trailer, as it did what all good trailers should do...make me want to see the finished product. Outside of the rather poor audio, which you have eluded to, perhaps a voice over would be in order. What is the general plot? How does this get together turn from an innocent pursuit into a dangerous game? Just an idea.

    By the way, I really enjoy your blog and look forward to each and every post.


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