Friday, February 06, 2009

I can't stand the rain against my window

It's raining in Los Angeles.

I come from a rainy state. In NC it sprinkles and thunderstorms and all kinds of precipitation all year long, and at first when I moved here I missed the rain daily. The first time it really rained I ran outside and danced in it, I was so happy to see the rain.

But then years went by and somehow I became an Angelino. And now when it rains I'm all "Fuck that. I ain't going outside in the rain. That's how you get wet!"

When the rain lets up we all rush to the grocery store to buy bread and milk to keep us fed in the coming hard times of the next 24 rainy hours. If you leave the house IT WILL GET YOU.

I never even check the weather anymore, which is how I wound up freezing in sandals and a short-sleeve shirt yesterday; My clothing choices are always based on the previous day's weather.

Anyway, I'm about to brave the rain to go see Coraline tonight and I am stoked. I can only hope its dark tone keeps the little hellians away, because who wants to deal with fucking children at a kids movie? Seriously? But I LOVE The Nightmare Before Christmas and as soon as I saw the first preview for this I knew I had to see it. So the rain will not stop me, mostly because the movie is indoors.


  1. Have fun, stay dry.

    Do you still have the NC accent? My mom moved there a few years back; she was born in Quebec but learned English in Brooklyn as a teenager - the locals get a hoot out of her accent...

  2. I never really had much of an accent to begin with, but I can turn it on at times.

  3. Really looking forward to Coraline - did you see it in 3-D?

  4. Anonymous10:17 AM

    I grew up in England and then moved to Texas. People from outside the Lone Star State may not know that Texans actually hate the heat. My parents had always bitched about it constantly, but moving here after 14 years in gloomy drizzle I rejoiced at the 90 consecutive days of 90+ degree weather, while everyone else was complaining and looking forward to the winter.

    It was 8 years before I uttered the words "I love it when it's cold outside!" and realized I could finally call myself a Texan.


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