Thursday, April 16, 2009


I wrote this whole post just now about the reader and the pro vs amateur mentality but then I ended up sounding like a really egotistical jackass so I'll just keep pretending to be humble and not post that here.

I can't really settle on a particular topic so I'm just going to list random thoughts instead.

I have one email address I use only for screenwriting related stuff and it makes a little bedoop! noise every time I get new mail. I sent my script to a manager about a month ago now. Every goddamn time that thing bedoops I'm all MANAGER DUDE! and then it's just another email from Creative Screenwriting or John Truby, who evidently has some magical way of climbing out of the Bulk mail folder I keep throwing him into. I'm like Pavlov's dog with that damn noise now. Get hopes up! Oh nevermind. One time that noise was being used as some background bleeps in a sci-fi movie. That almost drove me nuts as I checked my email like every thirty seconds.

Nobody wants to watch Kung Fu movies with me.

My mother is very handy right now. She just retired and doesn't have shit to do, and my new screenplay is about a subject on which she's an expert. So every time I go to put a piece of the story together and am not sure how to handle it, I just call Mom up and ask her. I'm getting scared she's going to ask for a story credit. I guess she'll have to be my date to the Oscars.

I think I spend 3 hours a day cleaning cat hair out of my keyboard. And now I am out of compressed air.

I've become mildly obsessed with healthy eating. No more white bread, no more soda, lots more fish. And protein bars after a workout. Balance bars with cookie dough flavor are repulsive, but the peanut butter ones are okay. Since I started really focusing on my diet from a health perspective instead of a calorie perspective, I've lost 5 pounds. I got a lot of inspiration from Eat, Drink and be Healthy. That book is mind blowing.

Old martial arts films are a lot like Sergio Leone westerns.

I haven't left my apartment in three days except to check the mail and return The Wackness to Netflix. I quite enjoyed that film.

I also enjoyed where they left John Connor at the end of the Terminator TV show. And I hope they don't cancel Dollhouse, although I'm struggling with believability. I like the show, but where Buffy was a whole different world, this show takes place in our world so it's harder to buy into the fantasy. It kind of reminds me of La Femme Nikita (the show) in that way.

Now I am going to make baked chicken with avocado and a pear salad.


  1. now I'm hearing a rumor via Slash Film that the Sarah Connor Chronicles might be cancelled... WTF??!!

    I've also been trying to eat healthy as well. I just started eating grapefruit everyday and ugh, it tastes nasty but I'm slowly starting to acquire a fine taste for it.

    good luck with your diet! I ate 3 mini Trix bars today after I ate a salad. UGH.

  2. It's not really a diet. It's a permanent lifestyle change.

    To stave off the chocolate problem, I now only eat dark chocolate. I keep a bar in my cabinet and only eat one third of eat at the end of dinner. That way I stave off the chocolate cravings but with healthier chocolate, and when anyone offers me chocolate that isn't dark I have to say no.

  3. your random thoughts are music to my ears.

    I will follow with some of my own.

    I am trying to get rid of a Nautilus machine- know anybody who wants such a thing? The BC?

    How did things go with Endeavor- not the Canadian one? A guy from there is reading our Entourage spec, he is very nice and says he wants to HELP us.

    Last week, Thai food almost killed my mother-in-law at the place where we had my birthday dinner- in the parking lot?

    pound for pound, Sissy Spacek is one of our nation's greatest treasures-

    -whoops. That's one of Larry King's random thoughts.

    Yes, I am looking for a dog. Gotta house...need a dog.

  4. The American Endeavor just has the usual policy, so I didn't query them.

    Good luck with your stuff, though.

    And yes, The Beefcake will take any and all fully functional exercise devices. We are hoping to put together a gym.

  5. Be careful eating grapefruit every day if you're on birth control pills or really, any kind of regular medication. I just discovered that grapefruit can mess with medications in a bad way, and I'm very sad because I love grapefruit.

    That dark chocolate technique worked really well for me for a while, but lately I've been in fuck-it mode, which is no good. Your post is inspiring me to get back into my healthier habits!

  6. A) Creative Screenwriting sens a SHITLOAD of emails.

    B) I liked The Wackness. Mostly because Josh Peck (is that his name?) is so yummy. In that stoner way. That I love.

  7. Old martial arts films are a lot like Sergio Leone westerns.Yeah, I think they were heavily influenced by Westerns.


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