Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Back to the script

Computer is saved. Computer Guy turned out to be pretty cool and in the process gave me an education. I was getting too cocky about my computer knowledge because on a daily basis I'm surrounded by people who know far less than I do, but now I have been schooled.

Apparently after all that ranting about the evil virus creators, it wasn't a virus after all. It was merely a coincidence that I opened my friend's email the exact moment a gig of RAM exploded. I just needed a new gig of RAM, but that does not change my beliefs that virus creators need to be gorilla raped.

So after months of working on the house and putting my priorities in domestic life, tomorrow I will spend the whole day revising my script. I have painting to do, and window treatments, and more unpacking because there is no end to the unpacking, but I say Fuck All That. I'm taking a day off from life so I can immerse myself in story. And hopefully work out because I got two new workout Wii games for Christmas and I'd very much like to use them but I've been too busy stressing over computer problems and curtains. Not tomorrow. Tomorrow I exercise, eat, and write. That's all.


  1. ohhh, that's good. that was a lucky save *whew*

  2. For real. I didn't lose anything in the end, but it was a valuable lesson in not putting off backing up your files.

  3. I've owned 2 laptops (I'm currently on my 3rd, which is new) and both have crashed and I've lost some files.

    so, I always save my files on an USB port. Out of paranoia, I also always e-mail all copies of my scripts to myself on yahoo and Gmail, AND I also upload private files on Google Documents just in case. haha

  4. So even more of a PC fan now, I reckon? Good for you!

    Happy New Year and keep us entertained in 2010!


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