Wednesday, December 02, 2009

DVD placement

One of the first boxes I opened was the three holding all my DVDs. I sat for about an hour with all of them laid out neatly in rows on the floor in front of me as I carefully arranged and rearranged them. A tad OCD? Yes. But one of the more fun parts of moving.

I usually like to arrange my movies by categories. I have two shelves of TV shows - One shelf dedicated almost exclusively to Joss Whedon and one shelf that is 50% Farscape. I have a shelf of foreign films and a shelf of movies I need for school. The rest I'm not sure. do I put all the comedies together? The trilogies? What about subcategories like noir, should those get their own shelf? Alphabetical order is so old school, but it's an option. I have no tv and spotty internet, so this is my current form of entertainment after making dinner in my new stove.

How you arrange your DVDs is very important. Chances are, however you arrange them that first time is how they'll stay forever. You can't just toss them up on the shelf all willy-nilly. There has to be some logic behind your order.

I feel so High Fidelity. These DVDs look pretty cool all laid out on the floor. Maybe I should just leave them like this so all who visit can examine my collection with ease.

How do you arrange your DVDs?


  1. Perhaps not entirely applicable to your sitch as all my DVDs are TV, but.

    Chronological by date of premiere from 60's to present with the exception of the following shelves dedicated to one thing:

    Chris Carter/Morgan & Wong shows
    Ron Moore
    Star Trek
    Doctor Who
    other British television
    Tom Fontana/David Simon

  2. This sounds dumb, but I arrange my DVD collection by country or style. Bollywood has its own space. Foreign art-house films go into another category, etc.

  3. They're mixed together in a basket in no particular order.

    Then again, I have, like, four, so it's no big.

  4. In a plastic tub with CDs, fit for the trash. Needless to say I make it a point to never borrow, I'd just end up having to give you the money for any loaned material.

  5. I once tried "by director" but then could never remember who directed Grosse Pointe Blank or Igby Goes Down and if I'd wanted to search my entire collection (then 250+, I guess) "random" would have done as well. The Wizard of Oz with its four directors was the straw that broke the olyphant's back and also what reminded me that ordering by writer would run into the same problem (not that I would ever own Armageddon, but it drives the point home nicely).

    So I'm plain old boring alphabetical. (By original title, though, so that The Crimson Rivers is under R and Hero sits next to You Can Count on Me. – I mean, I am a film snob, so I gotta show it somehow.)

    It has its perks. 28 Days Later next to 28 Days still makes me giggle.

  6. I'm awed at the concept of organising DVDs by director - I'd never have tried. I have a ground floor and a my study collection. Mainstream stuff - The West Wing et all - downstairs. SF and evil horror close to my computer.


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