Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Character emotional extremes

I was watching season 2 of True Blood, just like I promised, and Eric the smart ass butthole vampire cried when his maker died. Eric is the last person you'd expect to cry, so it was an especially moving moment.

It made me think of something Joss Whedon said in the commentary for the Firefly pilot. Take the character who's afraid of nothing and make them afraid, and the audience will realize how dire the situation is. If Eric the vampire is sad, and he's not emotional about anything, then I should probably be sad too. If Jayne is afraid then I should definitely be afraid.

Had Firefly kept going, they probably would have found somebody for Kaylee to be really pissed off at. If Kaylee's pissed at somebody, you know they're a bastard.

It's just something I always try to remember.

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  1. very true. I agree with you about this,. It does make for an interesting story. I like it when they make the villain suddenly become "human" with fragility.


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