Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nice Girls is on its way

After rewrite after rewrite, it was good to finally get a handful of micro notes last night.

A friend who helped brainstorm my latest script in its original form read the best version yesterday, then we hopped on chat so he could give me notes. I love doing notes via chat. He can ask questions, I can ask questions, and I can have the script open at the same time and fix the issues as he tells me about them. It's my favorite way to do notes. It only works if you're on minor fixes, though. Not so much when there's major story problems.

But I finished it, submitted to Nicholl and sent it to a couple of people who know people.

So now it's out in the world, making a name for itself. And I get to start thinking about the next thing.


  1. Congratulations!

    When do us "normies" get to read it?

  2. Congratulations Emily!

  3. Anonymous6:46 AM

    How exciting! Congratulations

  4. GoodLuck7:38 AM

    I read the first few pages you submitted and was quite impressed. That said, "Nicholl"? It's one of those contests that has struck me as being a little on the arty side. I've rarely enjoyed reading a winning Nicholl script. Are you also submitting to more "commercial" contests?

  5. Thanks, guys. I don't really think it's a big deal until I actually get something out of it, though.

    And Good Luck, don't let Greg Beal hear you say that. He has a whole rant about that. The Nicholl tends to advance more dramas because dramas are what is most frequently submitted. And I'm not aiming to win, I'm aiming to place. Placing means Quarter Finals or better.

    I don't submit to any other contests. If I still don't have any traction in the Fall, I'll submit to TrackingB, but at this point if I don't get any traction by then something has gone horribly wrong.

  6. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Hey Emily, your most recent posts made for a cool reading, and this one is cool too.

    I visited so many blogs on screenwriting and lots of them are in bland abstract world. They are all the same - pretendining to be smart when in reality they are just reapeating what we read a million time in books and other old blogs. Over and over, they keep dishing out the same stuff.

    Your blog is entertaining and very cool and always fresh.

    James T

  7. Hey good luck with the script.

  8. Anonymous1:06 PM

    I liked the bit I read. If it holds up throughout, I think it could definitely make the first cut. Depends on the reader, I guess. What's weird about Nicholl, or me, is that what I consider my solid material is usually dinked quick, while the piece I just toss in on a whim, gets better results.

    Good luck, break a leg, or um, finger? You know what I mean.

    (recently deleted)


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