Saturday, March 26, 2011

This week

Wednesday the school yearbook is due, so I'm hellabusy. I'm neglecting all my other classes - we're just watching whatever movie I can loosely attach to the curriculum or reading silently, and I haven't graded papers in weeks.

Fortunately my script is done for now, so I don't have any pages to work on this weekend, but I do want to complete the treatment for the new project. As is the case with so many scripts, I have no idea what to do with Act 2, but it will come to me.

In the meantime, I'm probably going to just post links to things I think are cool for the next few days.

I'm going to start with this: Shit My Students Write, where a teacher posts shit her students write. It's pretty awesome.


  1. cshel9:07 PM

    Thanks for that link, Emily. I found it quite hilarious. There was one excerpt that I particularly enjoyed because it reminded me of exactly the sort of response I would write when answering an essay question about something I had not studied for when I was in high school. It was this one:

    "The never halting march of nonsense"

    "Much with the never halting march of mankind, as civilization continued its inevitable revolutionizing of formerly steadfast views of what constituted the ideologies surrounding the concept of imagined communities, its malleable nature gave way to transmutations of something more; the aftermath for which resulted in the distinct separation of these works which constituted the pre-modern, the early modern, and the modern."

    Major LOL.

  2. Ratic6:15 AM

    Ah, kids they say/write the funniest things? S & M = smoke and mirrors with Rihanna and the middle ages worked in? Talk about imagination.

    In light of your preference for female oriented actions movies have you made it out to see Sucker Punch? If so, any thoughts?

  3. I won't be seeing Sucker Punch. The more I read or see about it, the more it looks like style over substance.

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  5. I'm also going to be done with my script this week. Maybe tomorrow. So I'm going to take all of half day off and work on my next stupid idea.

  6. "The more I read or see about it, the more it looks like style over substance."

    You shouldn't rely on the opinions of others. Especially in this day and age where film criticism is a lost art.

  7. When I'm deciding on how to spend my time and money, you're damn right I'm going to rely on the opinions of others. Rotten Tomatoes gives it 22%.

    But I'm also saying that based on what I've seen in the previews.

    If I never relied on what I read or saw when it came to deciding what movie to see, I'd have to see every single movie.

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