Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The future of television

There's a new show on Spike TV called Repo Games. Your car is about to be repossessed, so the repo guy shows up and asks you a bunch of trivia questions, and if you get them right you get to keep your car. If you get them wrong you lose your car. It turns out, a lot of people who get to this point in their lives don't know a lot of trivia.

This is the first stage of events that will lead to The Running Man. I mean, how big a step is it from making people answer questions about literature to keep their cars from making people run as a guy covered in Christmas tree lights tries to cut them in half with a chain saw?

Then there's the duo of Tosh.0 and Web Soup, shows that play ridiculous web videos. Web Soup especially is one nut shot video from being Ow My Balls!

If you don't know what The Running Man is, watch more '80s movies starring Arnold. If you don't know what Ow My Balls! is, watch Idiocracy. Because every time I think about the friends I have who don't want to have kids and people like Octomom I get scared.

But then I watch Ow My Balls! and The Repo Man and I feel better. Sometimes you just have to wait for the future to get here.


  1. Anonymous9:27 PM


    I find your lack of faith in the American people highly disturbing.

    We are a great nation and also a nation of great people. For centuries, we have attracted the best and also the worst of immigrants who came upon our shores in search of the proverbial American Dream.

    If people want to seek empowerment by watching trashy television, who are you to belittle them?

    Please get your elite and uncaring self out of the American peeople's face.

  2. Wow - Anonymous is pretty into his trashy TV.

    I can understand though - I'd punch a bitch if they made fun of 'Jersey Shore.' And then I'd pull our her extensions with my giant, cheeta-print nails.

  3. "It turns out, a lot of people who get to this point in their lives don't know a lot of trivia."

    This made me laugh out loud in my office. You know somewhere on the cutting room floor is some guy after hearing the first saying; "Fuck it, take the car", and walking away.

    Honestly I thought the commercials of the other games shown during Running Man were a lot more fun.

    And I always wanted that nukem game they advertised in Robo Cop.


  4. I'm also waiting for the unrated Cash Cab DVD's where the drunk tranny's from taxicab confessions pile in and try to answer questions while attempting to hide their manjunk from the gearshift cam.


  5. Guy Without a Name:

    First of all, condolences to you for having no name.

    I love Web Soup, but it is Ow My Balls! I have no delusions about what I'm watching.

    You should probably relax a little.

  6. Jim, there's a gearshift cam? I might have to start watching that show.

    JUST ME: Jersey Shore is so terribly awesome.

  7. So Anon searched the intertubes, found your blog, read your recent entry, clicked on comments, typed in four paragraphs of tripe and hit enter just to tell you to get out of our faces.

    That is all sorts of awesome.


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  9. Wasn't there a movie awhile back about a reality tv show where the contestants go around killing people? I think it was an indie feature and starred the girl from "Silence of the Lambs" who was in the well.

    At any rate, right now I'd bet the laws on the books are the only things preventing gladiatorial contests (the real kind, where people fucking die) from finding a network and a television audience.
    Some would find it "empowering."


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