Friday, April 15, 2011

Nice Girls Don't Kill Queries - round 1

Spring Break starts in a few hours and I am already there. I told the kids not to ask me any questions today because I'm too tired to answer.

While I wait for Nice Girls Don't Kill to work its way slowly up the small chain of connected people I know, I'm querying. I'm very picky with my queries and am thoroughly researching each name on my list. I'm only sending the script to people I'd like to work with, people who have both a positive personal reputation and a track record of producing results.

The fact that I was once repped is irrelevant.

Over the past two weeks I have emailed 19 reps. I don't like this number because I hate prime numbers, but I can't find a 20th person I like. I queried both the big guys and a few boutiques. Not WME though because that's just pointless.

So far I have been rejected flat out at Paradigm because they don't even read unsolicited material so don't waste your time.

About 15 minutes after I sent the email, I got a request from someone who recognized my name from brief and distant online encounters. That name recognition thing really matters. He didn't read my script, though. He sent it to an assistant, so we'll see if assistant sends it up the line.

Nothing yet from anybody else, but I didn't expect to hear back so soon anyway.

I will update my progress as results come in.


  1. Don't be dissing primes, such singular, lovely, pattern-underlaying numbers.

    When you have time to breathe, should you wish to reconsider your antipathy toward primes, Prime Obsession by John Derbyshire, book, subject, and author are fabulous, and book is actually can't-put-down-gripping. That's the power of primes, baby, leave those composites behind.

    May you get 19 replies, all singular in their positive response.

  2. Thanks for the good wishes.

    It's like an OCD thing, just in this one area. The temperature on the thermostat, the volume on the TV, the page number I stop writing for the day - I prefer even numbers, but I REALLY hate primes.

  3. You really never know who may one day decide to open a query. So just send out as many as you can/want and work on your next script.

    And I think I'm the PRIME example of that.

  4. Of course. I'm just going to post about what happens to my queries over time.

  5. I'm pulling for you. Call me for a name. Let's get some dinner next week when we're both off.

  6. Querying is really tough; It's like a stab in the heart when you send a shitload of them and open your inbox the next day to find it empty. Oh, god, it hurts!


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