Friday, July 01, 2011

Fine. I'll get HBO.

HBO finally got me. They gave out a week and a half of free programming, just in time to catch the season premiere of True Blood. And it just so happens, True Blood's last season was up next in my DVD queue, and I just watched the first disk. I do not want to wait for the next disk. There is something horribly addictive about that show.

And then they showed that usual montage of all the shows they have. And you know I really love Eastbound and Down and Entourage, and I did enjoy the pilot to Game of Thrones....

Damn you, HBO. I resisted you last time, but you got me. You finally got me.


  1. Anonymous1:08 PM

    HBO is my savior. It is my inspiration. I have a MAFIA TV script and its trippple R-rated. Hopefully one day my pitch will land the script there.

    YES HBO is my guru, mentor and TV-blog, you know.

    HBO is home to some of baddest and mean and violent and sexy and VERY COOL tv scripts/shows.

    So Emily, will you start a Blog on TV-script writing soon?

    HBO is my teacher on TV script writing. I don't need stinking books. All I need is HBO.


  2. I don't really write TV scripts anymore.

    And HBO is good, but there's no reason to limit yourself in influence. There's room for lots of stuff.

  3. Podcastlistener11:14 AM

    Very enjoyable podcast. In passing, has anyone ever remarked that Jodie Foster sounds remarkably like you?

  4. Hah. Yes, actually. I got that a lot when I first moved here.


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