Wednesday, July 06, 2011

My niece is coming

My 12-year-old niece is coming to town this week to stay for a while, so I get to do touristy things like stroll down the Walk of Fame and scope for celebrities. Fortunately she is really interested in how movies are made, so I've got us tickets to a screening with a Q&A. Universal Studios, a drive down the PCH, a visit to the Farmer's Market.

The challenge will be finding time to write. I know my writing will fall off a bit, so I'm lowering my expectations for the next couple of weeks, but I'm still going to try to write most days. I'm hoping to use the dogs in this capacity. Kids love dogs. I figure if I give her a dog and some toys and an hour to go entertain herself, she'll probably give me time to write. And if that doesn't work, we have an XBox.

I'm just hoping she understands why I have to shut myself off for an hour or so and doesn't feel slighted or something. I'm not that good with younger kids.

The 14-18 demographic I get, but any kid younger than that is kind of a mystery. She's too old for kid's stuff and too young for adult stuff.

Then again, this may be my chance to shape her appreciation of film for years to come. We may have to introduce her to The Terminator. And Star Wars. And Buffy. Time to turn that girl into a film nerd.


  1. im not good with kids (under 14), either. yeah, introduce her to Star Wars and Terminator and Aliens! I love Sarah Connor and Ellen Ripley and Princess Leia. I first saw them all when I was 12-13

  2. Anonymous1:11 PM

    emily, like to say, you got the best blog, my husband asked me to read it, indeed it's a good site
    and I might switch from reading these dreaded forums on scripts out there
    I'm trying to get my twins (talented university writers/students) to read your blog

  3. Even if that 1 hr per day turns out to be elusive, that's okay too.

    There have been times when I did not write for over a month.( I intended too, but it was never the right time) I found that when I finally did, I impressed myself. I'd look at what I wrote, and think...I could never have done this a month ago.

    For me, a break (even a reluctant one) rejuvenated me.

    P.S. I'm wondering, what is the connection between movie making and Farmers Market?

  4. There isn't a connection. Farmer's Market is just an LA landmark. I probably won't wig out if I don't get an hour a day, but I'd still like to get about 10 pages over the next week if I can.

    And thanks Leena.

    And hell yeah Sabina.


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