Tuesday, November 22, 2011


The project I'm working on right now is three years old. I wrote it and revised it and then put it away and now I'm getting it back out. I never stopped thinking about it. Occasionally I'd ask someone to read it and give me some advice, and then I'd put it away again to think about that advice.

Recently I spent a lot of time compiling the perfect outline of the story. I wrote down all kinds of specific details, did full character bios, filled in all the gaps, pondered the most effective story choices.

Then I had surgery. Before my surgery I could type for maybe 15 minutes with slight pain. I still usually typed for an hour at a time then rested, but that last 45 minutes was excruciating. I was cringing with every letter, which makes writing comedy extra challenging. It's fun writing hilarious action sequences when it feels like a professional strong man is repeatedly slamming a hammer into your wrist at top speed.

After the surgery the doc gave me an assignment: Type, text, play video games. So I did. First I finished LA Noir over the weekend.

Then yesterday I typed and typed and typed. And it didn't hurt at all. A little stiffness after a while, but no pain.

NO PAIN. I can write with no pain. You have no idea how amazing that is. I've been alternately crying with joy and laughing like a maniac for the past four days as I discover new things I can do now that I used to take for granted. Watch me unlock this door! Watch me put on a bra! Watch me brush my hair! IT'S AMAZING!

Remember all that work I put into planning this story? And now I can write with no pain? Fuck yes, kids. I just ran with it. I wrote 10 pages in 2 1/2 hours. I cranked the tunes and just typed and typed and typed and the words flowed out of me like never before. So far it's a shitload of dialogue for an action flick, but I'll fix that on rewrite. I'm just excited to throw those words up on that screen.

And today when I went to see my doctor he told me I was making amazing progress. "I typed for two and a half hours yesterday," I said.

"Yep, that's probably what did it," he said.

So how about that? Screenwriting is good for me.

And thank you to everyone who has wished me well during this process. I appreciate your kind words.


  1. Anonymous4:01 PM

    1.5 pages in 10 hours. Not bad.

    forever new dawn

  2. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Who knows? My Dad is screenwriter. So, I'm like him, following his footsteps. His advice "screenwriting is looking at blank screens and monitors.../if your draft is due on Jan 27 at 8 pm, you will waste lots,lots,lots,lots of time and get it done in 2 days before the deadline..."

    Sorry, I cannot reveal his name.


  3. Congratulations, Emily!!!

    There must be a way to work the name of your surgeon into the screenplay!!!!


    Thank you for the advice; precise and practical.

  4. Congrats, Emily! Good to hear you had an awesome outcome and are setting the keyboard on fire once again. : )

  5. Anonymous6:51 AM

    Wait till you guys start writing for a living. Careful what you wish for. Wasting time, like all of yous.

    you ex Done Dealer, Check out my new blog

  6. Thanks, Paul and Cshel!

    Marylin, I'm 100% certain I'm not going to regret being able to use my right hand for the rest of my life.

    LSM, I guess we all work differently. That's great that your dad is making a living at it.

  7. Anonymous8:04 AM

    Okay Emily,
    If there was a contest for the best BLOG in the world on screenwriting, YOU WOULD WIN. Nest would be Julie. All the ladies would win. Forget the guys, they are all dogs.

    We enjoy reading your blog. You are a champion in this script reading business.

    Edmund Army

  8. Anonymous8:14 AM

    Our prof ask us to keep up with blog.
    Nice. He looked at all the screenplay blogs and asked us to follow this one. Thanks, some of other blogs in cyber are so full attitude and they hide behind fancy name and moonlight as script consultants. Most write stuffs that can be used as jail diapers and old age security wipes. Wait till their boss finds out. I think the screenwriting business will one day be dominated by us women.


  9. Leigh M.6:44 PM

    Hurrah! Such great news. You are a triumphant protagonist. :)

  10. Emily,

    So glad to hear your surgery was a success!

    I recently had surgery that made a world of difference for a chronic health condition, so I completely understand.

    Here's to remaining on the mend!


  11. Yay!!! Awesome news.

  12. Yay!! Awesome news.

  13. Sorry about double, login woes.


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