Thursday, November 03, 2011

Harold and Kumar do Christmas in 3D

For some reason, A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas is coming out before Thanksgiving. Why? Why not at Christmas, since it's a Christmas movie? It's just weird. It's not enough that Rite Aid starts selling Christmas stockings the week before Halloween, now we have to enjoy Santa in early November. Weird.

But I will see it, and in 3D even, despite the fact that I despise 3D.

I enjoyed the White Castle thing. That was good. I'm not into pot movies and I'm not sure I understood the weird shit with that inbred tow truck driver and his slutty wife, but all in all, solid film.

Then I saw Guantanamo Bay, and it was more inbred truck driver than fun with Neil Patrick Harris, so I didn't enjoy it so much. I think where White Castle was a movie designed to be enjoyed by potheads and straights alike, Guantanamo Bay was pretty much a movie you only enjoy while high. And I don't get high. The stuff just makes me want to take a nap.

Anyway, then I saw the trailer for the Christmas movie on Youtube and thought it looked stupid.

Then The Beefcake and I went to see Fright Night, and it turned out when we got to the theater that the time we chose was for the 3D screening. The next 2D screening wasn't for a couple of hours. So we ponied up and saw it in 3D. I enjoyed it, especially David Tenant, but that's not the point.

The previews were also in 3D. One of them Was Harold and Kumar.

Ladies and gentlemen, THAT is why 3D was invented. Ping Pong balls flew at my face, people waved their hands over my head, explosions came out at me.

3D ain't no artsy fartsy color enhanced shit. 3D is silly, in-your-face ridiculousness, and Harold and Kumar appears to have embraced the potential for fun. The preview without the 3D looked dumb, but for once, adding 3D suddenly enhanced the film. I suddenly understood.

So tomorrow night, the Beefcake and I will go see this film, glasses and all. And then we will laugh about it over Japanese barbecue. I hope.

And I will take an Ibuprofen beforehand in case it's headache inducing.

I really hope this silly film is good.


  1. Sorry for being an asshole in the past.

  2. Anonymous7:00 AM

    Harold and Kumar is okay. So-So fried chocolate. Not good but lets party, ha please ladies. When in the mood. Ha, "is it that time of the month" yet? Hey Recovering Booth Rat, I bet millions you are Bitter Script Reader. Messing around here. Ha, geeze pleazzze. LOL But you're witty. Stick around.

    bye bye,
    MARYLIN - you ex Done Dealer with her new forum. Check it out.

    Emily, I see you are a moderator at Done Deal, good job, how much they are paying girl, if they have any money after paying for the Server and things. Ha ha having my own forum now is not easy, the cost of server and maintainaince is 650 a month, rent?

  3. I really do recommend eating a special brownie beforehand.

    3D while high is kind of magical. I saw Avatar like that and had an incredibly emotional experience from a film that was written with complete false emotion.

  4. Hey RBR, we all have bad days. Some have more than others. Be well.

    Marylin, they don't pay me. Moderators are volunteers. Good luck with your site.


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