Thursday, December 08, 2011

I placed in something!

Carson over at Scriptshadow just held a contest. He was looking to review the first ten pages of a script on his site, and wanted people to submit their title and logline. People voted on which title and logline they wanted to see reviewed and the top five vote-getters were picked.

This is a good contest for me because I know my first ten pages are usually pretty strong. No matter what you think of the rest of the script or the direction I take the story, I do a pretty whiz-bang opening. Chances are, somebody's gonna die and there will be an explosion or gunfire of some sort. So I entered.

I picked Nice Girls Don't Kill to enter because first of all, I know the title kicks ass. It's my favorite title and it gets a lot of love from everybody, and I've gotten a lot of takers on my query, plus my first ten pages are pretty fun. The wedding script is more commercial, but although I like the title, it's not as jazzy as Nice Girls, and I don't feel like I've perfected my logline yet. Plus I absolutely love the opening scene to Nice Girls. Wedding Dress has tighter plotting, but Nice Girls was oodles of fun for me to write and I want to show it off.

So I picked Nice Girls. And it came in 4th! Huzzah!

I voted for It's a Long Way to Tipperary, myself.

To see the other winning loglines/titles and to follow the discussion, go here:


  1. cshel1:04 PM

    First off - OMG! That kitten pic is the cutest thing ever.

    Oh, and congrats on your logline making top ten! Thanks in part to my vote. ; ) Looking forward to the pages.

  2. Anonymous7:52 AM

    Congrats Emily,

    Great logline, btw,w.

    You still got the best blog on our list and keep it up dudette!!!!

    Marylin, Spacesurfer, The Wire, Writersblock2010


    If we had to vote for best blog, this is surely most deserving.

  3. Anonymous8:03 AM

    Emily, Blogologist, BEST OF THE BEST!!! HOW ARE YA!

    Just saw that Script Shadow blog got 687 relies for this contest where you placed. Let's see if it reaches 1000 by Christmas. This is incredible. I think Carson is one amazing person. He's friendly to aspiring writers and very smart!!!!!

    OMG - and I just got an email as i was typing, noticed a drop at REALLY DONE DEAL PROPS forum, TOW ADVERBS and MOVIEBITES. They are getting very little replies. Maybe Nathan and Comic Bent can create some more fake user names and post posts to get it going. Who knows.

    What gives?

    And script magazines are all closing. Is script shadow our Jessus of Screenwriting?

    Script Shadow is the best booming thing since corn dogs.

    Mr. Spacesurfer (UK) and Writersblock2010

  4. Thanks, Cshel! And thanks for your comment on the thread. I can't post from work so I never get to post anything until the threads already a million pages long.

    And thanks, Paul/Daniel!

    And thanks, Marlyn, but I don't think we're all in competition with each other. Each blog or forum has its own successful identity, although Carson has certainly done an amazing job of developing a strong readership.

    And Done Deal doesn't have fake users. I'm not sure where you heard that, but it's a great community made up of real people with a wide range of screenwriting experience.


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