Saturday, June 02, 2012


This is the most self-absorbed thread ever in a history of self-absorbtion.

My script going out (How My Wedding Dress Got This Fucking Dirty) has drawn some attention to my blog so there are new people coming by to see what all the damn fuss is about. (There's damn fuss!)

So hi! I'm Emily Blake. I am from North Carolina and I teach high school English in South Central LA. I live in the valley.

I've been writing stories since I was in the fourth grade and last week I had a spec go wide for the first time. I'm repped at Circle of Confusion and APA. I write action comedy mostly, more action than comedy. My favorite movies are Grosse Pointe Blank, In Bruges, Pitch Black and Terminator 2. I love Wuxia tales and Hong Kong action, and I think Korea is where it's at in the film world right now. (Did you see The Good, the Bad, and the Weird? That movie fills me with so much joy.) David Twohy is my favorite screenwriter. Danny Boyle is my favorite director. Emma Stone is my favorite actress. I want to make sweet dirty love to Kris Holden-Reid. And Jensen Ackles. And Timothy Olyphant. Possibly all at the same time, if my dreams have anything to say about it. My fiance has accepted this.

I was interviewed on two podcasts. One here: (Scriptcast 10 at the bottom of the page) when I hadn't really done anything except talk.

And here: (Scriptcast 42, currently second on the list) after my script was a finalist in TrackingB and I'd been signed at Circle.

By the way, if you're not listening to the Scripcast podcast, you should. In addition to having some good screenwriting stuff, Matt and Eric are just highly entertaining. I love those guys.

Say hi if you like. I like people. I'm a Southern girl who teaches English and writes so I really enjoy talking - that's like the blabbermouth trifecta. Ask questions, say hello, tell me how much I suck. Actually don't do that. I'm not ready to be told how much I suck yet. I teach children and I moderate over at Done Deal, so I take enough abuse as it is.


  1. Emily!

    Nice to comment on your blog, again.

    APA? Did I miss something?

    Have you ever been an audience member of THE TONIGHT SHOW?
    [I think you'd make a good guest]

    Watched- on TV- a favorite film of mine...RANDOM HEARTS. Last night. Critics didn't like it, but I found it very nuanced, when it comes to the complexities of grief. What's your take on this movie?

  2. Oh yeah, I guess not everybody knows about the APA thing. My agent at ICM was let go shortly after I signed with her, so I had to get new agents. I'm at APA now.

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Emily! We love you too! (And that was even before you mentioned Scriptcast on your blog. :)

    Here are the direct links to Emily's appearances on the show:

    Emily's recent appearance:

    Emily's first appearance:

    Thanks again for joining us on Scriptcast and come back any time!




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