Friday, June 22, 2012

Time for change

....And I'm back.. I slept for NINE HOURS last night. That's like the most hours I've slept in a year. I would have slept even longer, but the dogs woke me up with a squirrel alert. That's how tired I was.

I am no longer a teacher. It's weird. I was sad walking out of my classroom for the last time, but I know it was the right call. Morale at our school is in the toilet because next year we'll have a new boss, and the people who get to choose that boss are not trustworthy. They're in with the latest trend to make everything in education about tests. The guy who's been angling for the principal's spot thinks we shouldn't even teach novels anymore; just test prep all year. Imagine turning English into year-round test prep. No thank you. I weep for what's coming.

I'll miss the kids. I'll miss creating the yearbook. On the way out I'm sure my replacement was getting irritated with all the things I was telling him - "The door sticks, so you have to slam into it sometimes to get it open, and the computer doesn't read flash drives but it does print, and I left you a scanner/printer but it's out of ink, and I think you should get a wireless router...." I loved that classroom, and I loved yearbook, and I want to make sure they're okay.

And now I transition into writer first, educator second.

I think it helps that I'm still really busy. I've got meetings like gangbusters right now, and in between I still have wedding planning and several screenplay projects to work on. I haven't felt the loss of my job because I've got a new one. I have a few more things to say about meetings, but that can wait for another day because I have to go get ready to drive to the next one.


  1. Squirrel Alert? :)

    9 hrs. Good idea. I wouldn't trust any creative writing I did while tired.

    Are you able to keep in touch with your students, now that both you and them are moving on?

    Can you give us a brief example of dialogue that occurred during a meeting?

  2. I gave most of my students a personal email address. Two of them I gave more contact info because they want to be filmmakers.

    And I have a post coming about meetings.


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