Monday, June 23, 2008

I am not a penguin

Long ago I had Blockbuster Online and the disks were always scratched and refused to play and then I sort of stopped watching enough movies to justify keeping it so I canceled the subscription. But after realizing that I just end up buying movies I would otherwise rent because they don't have them at the Blockbuster store on Larchmont and that I end up spending about $15 a month on movie rentals anyway, I decided to go back. Except after looking at the prices and remembering how many scratched movies I got before and that Blockbuster doesn't offer online movies, I decided to go with Netflix.

And wow, I forgot how many awesome movies I haven't seen yet. Already my queue is loaded with stuff I'd never go out and intentionally rent because usually if I get something at the store it's an action film. So I never saw Half Nelson or The Last King of Scotland or Once. And now that the TV season is in its slow stage there's plenty of time to watch a movie once a week or more.

And I've been ever so pleased already at being able to watch movies directly on my computer. Today during my planning period I watched March of the Penguins and now I want to take a little baby penguin home and let it live in my bathtub. Of course, given that it's currently 800,000 degrees outside he might not enjoy being removed from the South Pole.

By the way, my school administration seems to think the best way to combat 800,000 degree weather is to turn the air conditioning to -456 degrees. There is currently a thunderstorm forming over my classroom door.

Anyway, penguins are awesome. I finally got to see why that movie was so good. And before you go BUT EMILY! I'm paying taxes so you can work, not sit and watch movies about adorable mating penguins! know that I do A LOT of work at home. I like to stretch out on the couch and grade papers with a beer on the table in front of me, not cowering for warmth in a -456 degree classroom with a thunderstorm at the door.

But even as I curled up in my chair with my two sweaters on, I marveled at the boy penguins and their ability to withstand freezing temperatures for two months for the sake of their tiny adorable babies. Cool stuff. And yes, I am about ten years behind everybody else on the planet, but thanks, Netflix.


  1. Don't even feel guilty for a minute. $5 says you use something from the film in a class. A contextual example they can relate to is just as important as any other prep you might have done.

    There's teaching inspiration to be found in all kinds of places. For instance, did you know that Jamie Foxx is the guru of estimation?

  2. "And yes, I am about ten years behind everybody else on the planet, but thanks, Netflix."

    There is so much to rent on Netflix.

    I'd had it a long while before I realized I could rent MORE than just movies.

    All of my favorite TV 24 and such.

    Have fun!

  3. Haven't seen March of the Penguins, because Happy Feet made me weepy.

  4. I heart Netflix.

    And recently found out that you can only put 500 movies in your queue...*sheesh* What's up with that?


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