Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bad Girl

Today classes ended early so we could do professional development. Last time we did professional development it was Socratic seminar and I like the guy teaching so I paid attention and got something out of it. This time, I missed the sign up so the administrator in charge of scheduling put me in Classroom Management.

I have like zero classroom management problems. I am a master at classroom management. Other teachers ask me for advice on Classroom Management. So as you can imagine, I was not looking forward to this experience.

So I went in and sat at the back and right as I was sitting down the dude running the seminar told me to move up front and sit with this other dude so I could be his partner. I pulled out my laptop and began working quietly on my screenplay.

I've gotten some new notes that make me feel more optimistic because I feel like this is an attainable task and it will make my script stronger. I'm to take the protagonist and focus on her internal conflict as I rework only the first ten pages. Sounds like a perfect task to complete while I'm avoiding boredom in the Classroom Management workshop.

So I worked on the script and got a lot done. I stopped to do a stupid ice breaker activity - my partner insisted on sharing out, too, which annoyed me. I really didn't mean for the entire class to know that I don't drink milk - and then I went back to what I was doing. And every time we were told to do an assignment I did it, then went back to typing.

The dude's wife was also instructing us - mind you, neither of these two has been in a classroom for a decade and the man was barely in it at all - and he came over and made some indecipherable pantomime.

"Excuse me?" I said.

He did the same pantomime and mouthed something.

"What?" I said louder.

"Close your laptop," he said.

I wanted to remind him that I am an adult, but I shut my laptop loudly and pulled out a pen and paper, where I began to work on backstory for my male lead. This was pretty terrific because I only had one piece of paper and lots of time to kill so I wrote really tiny and filled up the paper. Lots of good stuff came out of me in my effort to avoid paying attention.

Some time went by. I did another activity with my partner, then resumed my writing. I doubt anybody in the room even noticed what I was doing, and I was in no way disturbing the class. Plus, they were boring.

Dude's wife came over and observed me for a minute, I guess thinking that since she was sitting right next to me I would pretend to care. I did not. She leaned over and whispered that she'd like to speak to me outside. So we went into the hall.

"What you're doing is clearly very important, can you do it somewhere else?"

"I'm here because I'm getting paid," I said.

"You clearly don't care about this."

"Look, I missed the sign up so somebody threw me in here. I'm not a new teacher and I don't have any classroom management problems. I'm bored."

"Oh. Well I understand that, but you clearly don't care about this so I was wondering if there was somewhere else you could be doing whatever you're doing."

I walked back into the room, packed my shit, and left and hour early. I drove to Burbank where I picked up my footage from Editor as we buried the hatched and came to an understanding. Now that I have my original footage back he can still work on the short while I get the footage to my actors and have something to play with in my ongoing effort to learn editing.

I was able to leave work, get the footage, go home and complete my afternoon emails all before I usually get home on weekdays. Because I was bad.

Bad kid 1, Classroom Management People 0.

So in conclusion, Emily at work = big brass testicles. Emily at the grocery store = massive wussyface.


  1. We're in our first week of classes for the semester, and in a discussion class yesterday we were told it was a "no laptop zone." I was the only one with my laptop out, which I had to shut and put away.

    I get really annoyed by teachers with this rule usually (there was only one professor for whom I didn't care, and I probably would have walked on hot coals for her anyway). If I don't know how to handle a laptop in a classroom setting in my senior year of college, that's only a bad thing for me. I take much better, more complete notes when typing, and I still do a great job of paying attention. It still kind of surprises me that in an age were there's so much emphasis on different learning styles and learning aides, people can still refuse laptops in class.

    Besides, I always thought that if a student resorts to web surfing or book reading, it's because the teacher isn't being engaging enough.

  2. Anonymous6:26 AM

    Hmmm. Do I see a correlation here? LOL.

    You got your footage back...

    Good Bad Girl.


  3. you're so funny... lmao.

    glad to hear you got your footage back!

  4. Admittedly, you they managed you out of that classroom; even if it was to your benefit.

  5. Because they couldn't manage me in it. They showed they didn't know how to handle me, so they kicked me out. A good teacher never throws a kid out of class because it shows the rest of the class they can't handle you. It also shows the rest of the class that if you behave badly you get rewarded.

  6. I have to wonder how much of your local budget went to pay these people to teach teachers how to improperly manage a classroom...

    Now if only I could do something like that at my job... (heh heh heh)


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