Wednesday, January 28, 2009


A week ago I thought I was going blind. A pentagon showed up in my left eye and then it grew until it covered the entire thing and it was all wavy. And of course I had a panic attack as I attempted to check WebMD with my partial blindness and it told me I had Glaucoma or possibly a tumor. Then like half an hour later it disappeared.

It turns out it was an ocular migraine and it's perfectly harmless. Who knew?

Anyway, I was running late for my eye doctor appointment so I could make sure I didn't have brain cancer of the eye, so when I got home from work and I realized my power was out, I barely registered the fact before briskly walking up the road to the doctor. Then I went by the pharmacy to do a thing, then I went to the bank to get some quarters because it has been an embarrassingly long time since I had clean pillow cases. By the time I got home it was almost 6.

The power was still out, but the lights in the hall were on. I flipped all the circuits. Nothing. I knocked on my neighbor's door. That place looked like the Lost island when somebody hit one of those bright light switches that make freaky shit happen.

I was about to call the manager when I decided to check with the power company. I hijacked the internet of someone I really hope doesn't know how to use their hijacked signal to steal my personal information and learned that my payment never went through the last time I paid online. I don't know if I forgot to hit submit or if the internet crapped out in the middle of the transaction or what, but the money was never moved.

I should also add that my bill for the past two months was $263. I have a one bedroom apartment and I live there with the cat, who as soon as I leave each day has evidently been turning on every light in the place and running the space heater with the door wide open and the air conditioning on while he played Wii and broiled a turkey in the oven.

They're sending someone out to see if all the equipment is working properly. I'm going to hypothesize that it's not.

The point is, I had no power last night. I realize as I am watching the news that this sounds like a pretty assholey complaint to those living in the powerless storm-ravaged frozen tundra that used to be some states to the east. But since those people don't have power anyway, they won't know to be annoyed with me and my complaints.

Since I called after 5, the crew couldn't turn my power back on until 10am today.

Since my eyes were dilated I couldn't read by candlelight, so thank goodness for Netflix for sending the last disk of 24 season one so I could still watch it on my laptop while huddled in bed with the cat since the apartment got really, really cold with no appliances running.

It was a fun experiment putting makeup on and doing hair by flashlight this morning.

I had to go on a field trip to Glendale Community College - dude, that place is awesome - so I did not get my grades in and I barely had time to get my sub plan done. It was a crazy day.

Now it's time to see if the chicken salad I've had in my refrigerator will kill me. Let's all hope for the best.


  1. oh god. I would really freak out if I went blind in one eye. Being Deaf is hard enough, I don't freakin' wanna be the next Helen Keller... I eat carrot sticks everyday for lunch, since they're supposedly good for your eyes.

  2. Greetings from the storm-ravaged frozen tundra that is home. Luckily, I'm on a section of the grid that rarely loses power. I'm thankful for that since it has been rarely above freezing lately.

    I also have to have the meter checked, but I believe alot of the loss here is vampiric power loss.

    I've never experienced that particular reaction to a migraine, Emily, though I do get the flicker effect from the flourescent lights sometimes. Polarized glasses do wonders to help.

    UDMPG: Carrots are good, vitamin A is good for the eyes, especially night sight. I was blind once for a couple days, or damned near to it. Apparently, the pool I was in was chlorinated to the point it blurred out my vision. No vision = not fun.

  3. According to the doctor, an ocular migraine is not connected to an actual migraine. You don't get a headache - it's a different kind of migraine that doesn't hurt. It's just a temporary loss of vision brought on by stress.

    I hope it gets warmer for you, Hugo.

  4. they're called eyegraines.


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