Monday, January 05, 2009

Dr. Emily

First day back from vacation was a doozy. I moved into the classroom that was recently occupied by Journalism Teacher. She left me with tagging on every single desk and four computers infected with a combined total of 2,343 viruses.

That is not an exaggeration.

So between three straight hours of talking to my new classes (who are terrific so far) and accidentally pouring my entire lunch onto my pants I spent any spare time hopping from PC to PC cleaning up the infected software. And every time I thought I cleaned it, another virus would pop up to take its place.

Some time this week I'll probably get the computers clean. Then I'll go on vacation and she'll come back in the room and her kids will go back on Myspace and when I move back into the classroom I'll spend my first day cleaning another 2,343 viruses off the computers.

So just to remind everybody out there who may not be a computer whiz, clean your shit regularly. On any given day your computer could contract dozens of viruses if it's not protected. And if you ever download porn - get ready for some sexy PC Pneumonia.

You do not want your computer eating your screenplay because some jackass uploaded 3tetikgbkb++.exe onto your hard drive.


  1. Oh dear. I'm surprised that kids are allowed to check myspace at your school. I was under the impression that many high and jr high schools ban myspace? From what younger people have told me anyway.

  2. Good idea. I'm going to clean my computer right now. I'll jsut open this bottle of bleach and pour it like so into the port here tha∆∆∆OhGodNo∆øø∆∆øøø--------

  3. They're not allowed to check Myspace. It doesn't mean they don't find ways. Sure, they can't spell "written" but they damn sure know how to find a bypass site or a proxy server.

    Lol, Mike.

  4. Funny, the fact that they can get a virus means that they have too high of an access, no firewall, and no anti-viral running.

    I browse in user mode, run an updated antivirus, flush cookies and Temporary Internet files upon exit, etc. ... keeps infection attempts to a minimum.

    Of course, they could always install linux boxes.

  5. The computers had all that stuff installed four years ago when the school was new, but we have had no tech person in all that time so the software hasn't ever been updated and the kids all know how to get around the security protocols.

    We'll be glad to install all kinds of stuff if someone gives us money and a tech.


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