Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Vacay

I spent all day using last year's Christmas present of a gift certificate to Burke Williams. All year I kept meaning to go in for a massage, but every time I thought about it I'd then think, if I go get a massage and hang out at the spa all day I won't get any writing done. Plus I have to grade papers and do research and clean the house and - well, that's kind of why I needed a massage.

Today I finally did it, mostly because I had to give somebody a ride over there anyway. I got my money's worth for sure. I drank every beverage they offer, ate both kinds of cookies they had on plates, and used almost every room in the spa.

And now I'm heading back home to the family for the vacation and I'm NOT bringing my computer. It will either be really relaxing or I will have a panic attack.

I'm still bringing a notebook and a pen, though, just in case I get any epiphanies.

Since I won't bring my computer, I won't post anything until I get back.

Have a good Christmas, everybody! See you Tuesday!


  1. Have a Great Christmas Emily!

    Thanks for all your posts.

  2. Vacation?



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