Wednesday, December 01, 2010

We interrupt this screenwriting blog to bitch about our job

In order to keep my job I had to take a series of classes that cost me $2400. After that I had to do lots of paperwork and fax things to people, so I did that.

Then I found out that I had to send some more paperwork and pay a fee before that paperwork that I already did could be processed. I very nearly lost my job because nobody told me this until after the deadline had passed and they all got their chance to yell at me.

I yelled back, for the record. I think people now run when they see me coming in that office.

Today I got a message saying that they can't process this new paperwork until I do some more paperwork that I was supposed to have done between the first set of paperwork and the last set of paperwork, only nobody ever told me I had to do that paperwork until now, when the deadline has passed. This is paperwork to get a certificate that says I completed the courses, a certificate I already have but is apparently only one of two certificates I need that say the same thing. I also have a transcript that says the same thing. Not good enough.

So to recap, in order to keep my job I have to spend $2,510, take three classes, do paperwork that gave me access to more paperwork that gave me access to more paperwork, and none of this was told to me until it was already supposed to have happened.

And at each stage of this process I am made to feel like a worthless human being. This has been going on since April.

I have already been teaching in this district for five years.

Hey, State of California, go fuck yourself.

Tomorrow, a look at this Fox suing PJ thing from a lawyer's perspective.


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  2. I sympathise Emily. I've had similar paperwork frustrations - especially dealing with banks here in Australia.

    Sadly, it appears that unwieldy bureacracies are alive and well post GFC.

  3. it sickens me how people treat teachers like complete shit. Sorry this happened to you. You deserve better.

  4. Thanks.

    I just wish someone would make a list of tasks that we need to do and then give that list to us with a deadline. It seems like common sense to me, but no.

    Every teacher I know hates going into that building.

  5. Anonymous1:26 PM

    i love my job.

  6. I teach too Emily and it ain't much different over here in London if it's any consolation! Paperwork for paperwork which in turn needs more paperwork in order to allow the paperwork on the original paperwork to be signed off on.

    As you say, just tell me what you want me to do and when!

    It feels good to rant though and it's good to read a good rant now and then. Thanks!


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