Thursday, December 30, 2010

Stuff I did in 2010

Well, here we are again.

The best thing that happened to me in 2010 was I got a dog.

The worst thing that happened to me in 2010 was my house got broken into.

I got a rep, then I learned that getting a rep is not quite the answer I thought it would be. I also learned that I'm really good in meetings and would enjoy taking more of them.

My favorite movie of 2010 was The Good, The Bad, The Weird even though it technically came out in 2008.

The best movie I saw in theaters was 127 Hours. The most disappointing movie I saw in theaters was The Losers The Expendables Predators The Losers. I didn't see any really terrible movies in the theaters, but I wished some were better.

The move that gave me the most pleasant surprise was The Crazies.

I finished a script I started in 2009, wrote a free treatment for a project that went nowhere, wrote a spec script, and wrote two drafts of another script.

I joined a writers group.

I tried to watch GI Joe and Legion. I finished neither. Actually that's not true. I think I fell asleep watching GI Joe and didn't care enough to try to watch it again. I also fell asleep watching Inglorious Basterds, The Informant!, and The Men Who Stare at Goats.

Futurama came back. Yay!

I discovered that you can buy new designer clothes on Ebay for way less than at the store. I also discovered that I like designer clothes.

I laughed, I cried, I danced around my kitchen. I made sarcastic comments. I went to a couple of parties. I had a party.

My favorite screenplay I read all year was Gravity. I also loved The Kitchen Sink and My Mother's Curse.

Syfy network had the most consistently awesome shows this year, with BBC America coming in a close second, only because I think Top Gear blows.

I fell more in love with Joel McHale.

I killed two avocado trees.

I finished Goldeneye on the Wii on the Operative level with automatic targeting.

And that's some stuff I did this year.

Next year I'm going to finish Goldeneye on Agent level with intermediate level targeting. I like to keep my goals attainable.


  1. Woo hoo pooch! And Futurama! So glad it's back. Big heart, big brains, don't get better. Check out Archer if haven't seen yet, the folks doing that show are having a whole lot of fun.

    Happy New Year, Emily!

  2. I LOVE Ebay. I got a fucking awesome coat from Japan that looks designer but definitely didn't cost designer. Only drawback? It smelled like mothballs.

    Ebay may be so 2004, but it's still awesome.

    You had a pretty bangin' 2010 (besides the whole broken into house thing)...I hope 2011 brings even more goodness your way!!

  3. I feel you on the rep part. It seems when you break through a barrier, twelve more appear. People told my writing partner to quit our day jobs and move to LA when actors and a director signed on to our script Butterscotch. A year later we are still going back and forth on shoot dates and money.

    In the meantime we are going the web series route with another project while we wait for Butterscotch to get out of development hell.

    Good luck with your pursuits. Maybe we will cross paths in the future in this crazy business.

  4. happy new year, emily.

  5. Thanks, guys! Hope you have an excellent 2011!

  6. Happy New Year Emily! I am always interested in reading good, unproduced scripts. I've heard good things about the Kitchen Sink - were you able to find it online somewhere? Thanks!

  7. Sally creeping down the alley9:25 AM

    You think BBC America's Top Gear blows? Try watching the History channel version, you'll want to kill your Tv.


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