Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Youth of America - comme ci comme ca

One of my classes just loves to talk about movies, and they have discovered that if they ask the right questions about movies I will keep talking, thus avoiding them having to do any work.

Today they wanted to explain why Last House on the Left is a great movie. Basically it boils down to a guy's head exploding in a microwave.

"What makes an action movie good or bad, miss?" one of my brighter boys asked.

I told them that in a good action movie, the story doesn't stop for the action scenes. We discussed District 9, and how as the fight scenes progress the character ALSO progresses, so that we don't see two stories - the special effects story and the plot story.

One of my kids said "Like Transformers! There's plot and then there's action scenes and they don't really go together."

I agreed emphatically, then ranted a second about how much Transformers sucks, thinking they'd all yell protests at me.

Instead, most of the kids in the room admitted they think Transformers sucks too. One kid said he only saw half of it then turned it off because he didn't care.

There is hope for these little buggers yet.


  1. Hambo...OMG, I'm tired of typing this name all the time!7:31 PM

    I saw Transformers twice in theaters and three times on video. I joke that Michael Bay is my favorite director. Sadly, it's not too far from the truth.

    Now people who read my scripts assume I've got more Danny Boyle tastes. But nope. I like to see $200 million of explosions.

  2. If part of your curriculum includes steering young moviegoers to sneer at Michael Bay and his soulsapping Transformers crimes against humanity, then I most definitely feel my tax dollars are going to good use!

    Carry on!

  3. Anonymous8:32 AM

    Emily and Hambo,

    I saw Transformers 5 times and counting.

    Just love the action.

    Never read the script!
    Is it available?
    Is the action in the script written as excitingly as the movie's closing half?

    Emily, could you ask Bill Martell to comment on the action in that script...thanks :)

  4. Omg those robot transformations! They were awful. The possibility of visual delight at such a grand scale yanked out and replaced with a chaotic mess that made no physical sense. Ugh. Course I'll see everyone one that comes out, because its big robots and explosions.

    Your kids rock, Emily.


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