Monday, October 26, 2009

Paul Gross will not always be there to save you

Normally I don't enjoy the giggly gossippy women's group shows like Sex and the City or Desperate Housewives or Lipstick Thingees. I find them entirely unrelatable. I don't know if it's that no women act like that or just that no women I know act like that, but the whole lonely domestic goddess who likes to dish to her perfectly coiffed girlfriends about her wacky antics seems a little silly.

But somehow when you throw Paul Gross into the mix I'm game.

I admit it. I've been watching Eastwick on ABC. I blame that hot little Canadian man I fell in love with when he played a righteous mounty on Due South. Good guy, bad guy, doesn't matter. I'd do him. And if the show he's on also has dark magic and sinister intentions I'm willing to sit through giggling women to get to him.

It's not really what I'd call a good show, but it is entertaining. I'm hoping Paul Gross takes his shirt off soon, though because I'm finding a few things somewhat grating.

When your character says something insane, the other characters in the room should probably act accordingly. In the most recent episode one of the lead chicks sang on a piano in a restaurant and accidentally set the place on fire with the power of her... libido? I'm not sure. At any rate, the place burned down and everyone ran screaming.

Okay so I don't know about you guys, but if I was in a restaurant that burned down while I was in it and maybe because I was in it, that is all I'd be fucking thinking about for the next month. And if someone told me the restaurant burned down while they were in it, I'd be like OMG WTF BBQ.

On this episode, however, the singer girl says to her friend something like "Oh yes I wore that last night while I sang in a restaurant right before it burned down."

And her friend says "Oh my god! You sang?"


I know the plot point they want the chick to react to is the singing, but for fuck's sake, the characters are supposed real people. YOU know what happened. THEY do not. So if someone talks about a building burning down while she's in it, in a real world conversation that would be more important than whether or not she met a hot guy while she was singing on a piano.

And also, dear god I hope they get Paul Gross' shirt off soon.


  1. I can't relate to Sex and the City, either. You are not alone. As for whether do some women really act like that?

    Yes. Some females really are like that. I know this because my older sister is one of them. She and her friends are so goddamned annoying.

    Really, you like EASTWICK? That surprises me... lol, Paul Gross. I just googled him cos I don't know what he looks like.

    DAMN!!!! Now I can see what you mean. although I found his photo on a white supremacist forum, so uhhh, I'm not sure what's up with that :-S

    Well I guess I only watch THE MENTALIST because I think Simon Baker is cute-ish, even though he's NOT my type at all.

  2. There should be a list of bullshit up with which I will not put.

    Yhe other night, flashing past 'Heroes', the Asian guy was dressed as...a magician, and everybody was applauding. 'Oh, he
    's kind of socially awkward, let's make him a magician.'

    It's like using clowns. I thought we were clear on that: PEOPLE ARE SCARED OF CLOWNS. Their freaky make-up, their pear-shaped bodies and their floppy shoes.

    Yet shows still use their presence at birthday parties to signify 'this kid has a parent with money who cares'.

    If I see a clown, instantly, I'm shaking my head and looking for a stick.

  3. White supremacy? Oh my. That's alarming. He's too hot to be a white supremacist.

    And you got no argument from me, Vanilla.

  4. um, see slings and arrows. it's great. and it's your pal paul's show.

  5. I don't like any of those Sex And The City/girlfiend shows or movies either. I've never had the urge to spend time with other women for whatever reason. I've always liked talking to & being around men.

    Most women my age have kids and all they ever want to talk about is their stupid spawn. I find other people's kids the most boring subject in the world.

    (cute pics on the internet are OK tho.)

  6. hey, not all women are like that. Knock off the sexist stereotyping against females and YOU happen to be a female. that's some tired bullshit there, alright?


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