Monday, October 19, 2009

Updates and whatnot

I have to go back to work Friday, but I did manage to meet my goals for vacation. My first goal was to finish my first draft of the new screenplay, which I did. So yaaaay me.

My second goal was to find a house. We found several, but we'll know about the latest one on Tuesday. If this one falls through I'm just going to start smashing things. Looking for houses sounds awesome when you first get started, but after you've seen every house in Los Angeles and gotten beaten out on five houses you liked it's not so fun anymore.

I was totally gonna post Friday, by the way. I had the whole thing written - it was a list of suggestions for things to do at the Expo - but the power went out on the block about one minute before I was ready to publish so I had no Internet. Then Beefcake and I went to Venice and Santa Monica and saw Where the Wild Things Are and by the time I got home I decided since Expo was a day old already my post was a little pointless. It was mostly about business cards anyway, so I may rewrite it and post it later.

I'll post about my experience with Where the Wild Things Are tomorrow.

But back to Expo, I didn't go. I always went for free before and I just couldn't bring myself to pay for classes that most of the time repeat stuff I already know. The panels and guest speakers are great, but I think Expo is more useful for new writers than anyone else, although it is a great place to catch up with old friends and make new ones. But it's so disorganized and so expensive I just decided to skip it this time.

But to those of you who went, I hope you had a good time and learned things.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to go reward myself for finishing my first draft. Today I go buy shoes. Tomorrow I go lay on the beach and read. Ooooh my life is exciting. Sometimes I think I'd be a lot less tired if I didn't have to spend my vacation write screenplays, but then if I didn't write them I'd never get a job writing them. So you gotta do what you gotta do.


  1. Anonymous12:40 PM

    Most aspiring and pro screenwriters are more geared to renting and sharing a bachelor unit.

    This business is risky.

    And actually if a screenwriter wants to be a true artist, the word "home" or "house" should never be part of their vocabulary.

    And just like David Lynch said: most artist are a few fries away from being a homeless or a bag lady or a genius or a millionaire!

  2. That's the silliest thing I've read all day.

  3. Emily,

    My guy passed on your script. BUT and want to emphasis this, he said if you had something in the smaller budget range he'd be "anxious" (his word) to read it.

    And, I think you were wise to pass on the Expo. If you've read Josh Olsen's battle with the people behind the Expo, you'd know you made the right choice.

  4. Thanks!

    Smaller budget is in the works and so far seems to be going well. I'm getting notes right now.

    See, people? You gotta go low budget. Nobody wants my billion dollar zombiefest.

    And I'll have to look up Josh Olson's beef with Expo. I can see him being a guy who wouldn't deal well with their lack of organizational skills.

  5. And, like the moron I am, I misspelled Josh's name (damn that Dyslexia).

  6. I don't think he reads this blog. I guess if he did he'd probably be pretty pissed because he's a sensitive guy, but I'm not worried about it.

  7. congrats on the first draft! completion in and of itself is a solid form of success - remember that.

  8. Thanks! True, just finishing the first round feels good.


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