Saturday, January 16, 2010

Celebrate good rewrites, come on

Do you guys just KNOW when it works? Because I feel super good right now. I just wrote the last three scenes on Burnside and I feel awesome about them, which is kind of a miracle. This script has been giving me fits since day one. I love the idea, and when I tell people the idea they all kind of go, "Oh that's so neat!" but actually writing it has been one of my greatest challenges.

Usually when I have this much trouble with a script I just give up on it and start something more fun, but I knew I had something here so I kept with it. I first had the idea for the script not quite a year ago and I've been writing it for months. I had a long period where I didn't know what the hell I was going to do next, and I agonized over the ending for ages.

Then today happened. I wrote a scene I needed to inject into the story, and that went okay. Then I went to the ending. That dreaded, complicated, elusive ending. And I stared at my screen and I thought about what I would do if I were these people. What would I say if I had a bullet in my shoulder but was also kind of pissed off at my boyfriend? Then I just typed.

I had decided not to kill my protagonist, but for a second I forgot I had decided that and the dialogue and action was all headed toward her death and I got kind of sad. The last time I wrote her death scene I felt lame, like I forced the emotion. This time, though, I really didn't want her to die. And then, in the awesome world that is screenwriting, I got to bring her back to life! Weeee!

That was the most fun I've had in ages. I am going to celebrate. Awesome rewrite. Awesome.

Now to wait for the next round of notes.


  1. I'm so happy for you! Kudos.

  2. Go Emily!

    It's that type of moments that reminds me why I'm doing this shit.


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