Friday, January 08, 2010

Chuck worry

I'm a little concerned about Chuck. The season premiere airs Sunday night, then moves to a permanent Monday time slot after escaping cancellation last year.

I'm glad it's back, don't get me wrong. And at first when I saw no Adam Baldwin on the previews I had a minor panic attack, but then right there at the end of one, there he was so it's all okay.

Except I'm not sure I like where they're going. At the end of last season, Chuck downloaded not just the intersect information in his brain, but also Kung Fu moves and evidently languages. So he's got all the knowledge to be a perfect spy without having to work for it.

So now what's his problem? His personality? The fact that he's less hot than that guy on White Collar?

I thought at some point Chuck would start learning martial arts because he was tired of being stuck in the car, and we could watch him grow and learn and get excited when he used his new skills. Instead, he learned all that stuff through no work whatsoever, so now he's all powerful just by watching some videos.

Although, I suppose that's how Neo got powerful too so maybe I'm just jumping the gun.

But okay, speaking of Neo, I hated that scene in the second movie where Neo just easily beats the shit out of everybody and then flies away. How boring is a story when your hero can already do everything? And that's why I'm concerned about Chuck. Maybe I should just shut up and watch the damn premiere and then see what there is to worry about, but dammit I love that show and I don't want anything to destroy it. Besides, if Chuck gets too badass, he won't need Adam Baldwin anymore. And dammit to hell, we all need Adam Baldwin.


  1. It seems (from the previews I've seen) that Chuck has all the INFORMATION there, but since it was meant for the brain of an ACTUAL spy (Bryce Larkin), he can't quite access things at all times. So he'll still have to train to be able to use his newfound skills when he wants to, not just when they randomly show up (as the intersect is known to act).

    Plus, Chuck did sort of get a bit of spy training in the last few episodes of Season 2. And he does have the spy thing in his blood, as it turns out.

    Maybe I'm just hoping they do it right, and am coming up with explanations to prematurely defend the show.

  2. I think the download worked fine for Neo because it was a movie; we only had a couple hours to hang with him before he was going to save or damn the world. Being a TV series, there is so much entertainment potential lost if we don't get to watch Chuck learn his spy skills. So I'm glad he's got to train into his newly downloaded abilities - that's a decent enough way to instigate his training, which will hopefully be very entertaining indeed (especially with Adam Baldwin involved).


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