Friday, March 19, 2010


Know what my self-assigned homework was yesterday? Watching Pirates of the Caribbean. Tomorrow I plan to read the screenplay. In between I brainstorm character backstories.

For my day job - I almost wrote "real job" but then I remembered that I now have two real jobs - I had to write a paper on critical pedagogy that was between 700-1200 words and in APA format, a task that is every bit as boring and time consuming as it sounds. For my other job, I had to watch a Disney adventure movie so I could take notes about the tone and pacing.

I also swiffered.


  1. The writer's commentary is worth it for POTC:DMC, while I got bored with the directorial commentary.

  2. The first PIRATES is great. Solid structure, character intros, and just damn good fun.

    Plus, it really shows how we should make our bad-guys really bad AND complex.

    And then get Geoffrey Rush to play them. :)


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