Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Switching work schedules

Now I'm on vacation. I'm taking a class online so I have to do work for that, and the yearbook needs another couple of days of work, so I'll be doing some of that and I have to grade essays that were turned in this week to give back on our return to school, but since I don't have to spend any time yelling at kids or making lesson plans, I can now get back to screenwriting.

This is actually the toughest time to get to work, oddly enough. I haven't had a regular writing schedule for a while - I just wrote on the weekends whenever I could. And since I've had the script out gathering notes, I let myself relax and not write for a few weeks while I waited and then digested the suggestions a couple of people sent me.

So I got out of the habit. I have to establish a schedule again. Get up, do some chores, check the emails, do my coursework, work on stuff for my job, then screenwriting. After that I can work out or go to the store or walk the dog or whatever. But it helps to have a set schedule even when it's not a paid position.

I think far too many people only write when the mood strikes them, but it's no way to get things done. If I want to be a paid screenwriter, I have to practice being a paid screenwriter.

So I'll start that tomorrow, right after I finish staring at my cute dog and watching The Biggest Loser. Today is celebrate being on vacation day. Tomorrow the work week begins.

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